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Once again the best idea has come from an architect - thank you Dan! We have started making coverlets - perfectly plain, lightly padded double-sided linen blankets, not only throw size but queen and king too, to layer on the bed when you feel like a little extra comfort. They are a natural follow-on from our patchwork quilts, which are so cosy and light they inspired us to create their contemporary counterparts, for the minimalist in you.  

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Use them with a Summer Cover, or a top sheet or no top sheet, just as you like. The subtle sheen of linen, a little extra warmth and the most self-effacing "+" shaped tufting, very elegant.

Choose from very light 100% cotton or a warmer, loftier 100% wool infill, sourced from a small local farm - Sonoma Wool Company.

Watch the video and see how these coverlets were conceived and made.

Material: 100% Linen. Heavyweight "Orkney." Cotton or Wool infill.
throw       54" x 72"
queen      90" x 100"
king         100" x 120"
Care: Dry clean only. Spray stubborn wrinkles with water if necessary.

Natural Coverlet

Natural Coverlet

Indigo Coverlet

Indigo Coverlet

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