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Queen Bed Makeover

Also available in King and Cal-King

A Bed in a Box! Everything you need, with 10% off.

Orkney duvet cover, one flat bottom sheet, two Orkney shams, two Smooth simple pillow slips, and either a bedskirt or a summer cover. If you want to add bolsters for extra support, they are discounted too.

You can change item sizes and make other adjustments in the notes at the end of the order, if you want king shams and queen pillow slips for example. We will get back to you to confirm.

Fabric and Color
natural (off-white sheet & pillow slips)
natural (natural sheet & pillow slips)
off-white (off-white sheet & pillow slips)
off-white (light grey sheet & pillow slips)
off-white (natural sheet & pillow slips)
charcoal (off-white sheet & pillow slips)
charcoal (light grey sheet & pillow slips)
charcoal (natural sheet & pillow slips)
dusk (off-white sheet & pillow slips)
dusk (light grey sheet & pillow slips)
Buttons or Zippers
Add Ons

Product Information

Material: 100% Linen. Duvet, Shams and Bedskirt / Summer Cover are all Heavyweight "Orkney". Sheet and Pillowslips are all "Smooth"
Dimensions:This is a bundle of several products. See product pages for measurements.
Care: Machine wash, dry outside for preference, do not over-dry. Dampen fabric to make wrinkles disappear.

If you feel you might need a top sheet, I always reply that its only function is to wrap itself round your legs, and to complicate making the bed. A top sheet is necessary with blankets and fixed-cover comforters, but European-style duvets have removable covers for easy washing.

As an alternative to a top sheet, opt for the versatile summer cover

The Rough Linen bed makeover consists of an Orkney duvet cover, a Smooth sheet, two Smooth pillow slips, two Orkney shams, and an Orkney bedskirt (or summer cover instead).

Happy Customers

Happy Customer Testimonial

"After research and reading reviews, we initially ordered sheets, pillow slips, duvet cover and bed skirt….and everything is truly wonderful. The feel, texture, the ease and the beautifully elegant simple look makes our bedroom a thing of beauty."
~ Betsy Freeman

Happy Customer Testimonial

"For a recent bedroom makeover we decided to go with linen sheets, that's how I luckily found Rough Linen. The bed bundle, consisting of smooth white sheets and pillow slips as well as duvet cover and pillow shams in Orkney natural, is pure luxury! The fabric is beautiful, the workmanship is top notch and the whole look is exquisite. Just seeing the bed now fills me with a deep sense of calm and tranquility. Not to mention, once nestled in the bedding, one is transported to the dreamiest night's sleep ever."
~ Robyn Fuoco

"This is the best purchase I have ever made for myself After a full year of looking, buying and returning bedding from some of my favorite companies, I came back to the bedding that caught my eye over a year ago. I was hesitant, not believing any linen bought in America would be worthy of this price point. (I was considering buying from Ireland) I am happy to say I was VERY wrong!! Like so many other people that write reviews of your products, I can't really explain it, but I have not slept this well in years! I actually get excited about going to bed now!

Stranger still…I LOVE sitting in my room — just LOOKING at how gorgeous my bed is!!! It is absolutely stunning! This is the best purchase I have ever made for myself. There will be no hesitation as I look forward to purchasing curtains, tablecloths and pillows from you next. Thank you SO very much for such a lovely, high quality, beautiful product!! Thanks, too, for always answering my questions so honestly and so promptly!"

~ Bradenton, Florida

"I was worried about spending so much on the bed makeover and whether there would be a piece that wasn't as useful as the others but it really was worth every little piece for what they have added to comfort, looks and ease of care… My 'other' brand linen pieces look really poor quality next to yours yet yours are better priced… Thank you Tricia! Really glad I found you and sure I will be getting some more pieces…"

~ Jen – Brisbane, Australia

Happy Customer Testimonial

"This past October, I ordered a white pinafore and "bed makeover" which included an Orkney Natural duvet cover and Orkney White Summer cover. Even my husband, who doesn't usually comment on such things, remarked at how pretty our bed is"
~ Dawn Milem

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Upon discovering Rough Linen, a pinafore, a sheet, pillow slips, and now a complete bed makeover, including summer cover and bolsters have entered our home. Our bed is now simply alluring."
~ Jane Mayer

"Oh my goodness! I opened my Rough Linen package and it was a happy day! You have made this Southern belle so very pleased. Each item was individually wrapped up, tied up in ribbon with a sweet care label — Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday too…I'm so excited. I ordered the bed makeover; smooth white for bottom sheet and pillow slips then St. Barts natural for duvet, pillow shams and summer cover (instead of a bed skirt). My husband loves the summer cover. When I enter our bedroom now, I just take a deep breath and smile. Our bedroom is truly a sanctuary. Your work is Gorgeous . You give a new meaning to " understated elegance." I'll send pictures soon. Thank you so very much."

~ Susan

"Re: Bed Makeover "This product is everything that I had hoped it would be!

I was a bit nervous making this purchase sight unseen online but felt reassured by all the wonderful reviews from very happy customers.

Now I am one of those very happy customers!

The linen is beautiful, the workmanship is exquisite and my sleep is dreamy.

Oh, almost forgot, the packaging is fantastic! Each item individually wrapped in tissue and tied up with ribbon, no plastic!

I will definitely shop with Rough Linen again!

Thank you Tricia!!"

~ Theresa – Alice Springs, NT, Australia

"Trisha, like all the the comments I read, I was beyond thrilled to get my exquisitely packaged linens. The package was heavy! And, a tiny bit embarrassed to say, I chased after the mail truck to make sure I got them rather than a disappointing mail slip for the next day. Anyways, I almost made myself late for work putting them on my bed. I hope I can sleep in them before washing 'cuz tonight I am going to. They are the real deal. They are stunning in their authentic, lost old world quality. It brings back the memory of my first French outdoor market experience after growing up on American '60's processed food: a feast for the senses, and then profound satisfaction! I have to keep going in to look at them."

Happy Customer Testimonial

"The bed makeover has transformed my husband's sleep because we no longer have to deal with shifty and uncomfortable blankets. All we need is the soft yet substantial weight of the Orkney duvet. It doesn't weigh down my lightweight comforter but actually makes it even more lofty. Going to bed has been the highlight or our days. As an added bonus, it is VERY easy to clean and low maintenance - once again, perfect for our laid back bungalow."
~ Joelle Mabalatan

Happy Customer Testimonial

"Trish, you're a marvel! It's completely transformed our tired looking bed into something truly lovely. Even when it's unmade! The sheet, summer cover, and pillowcases are a joy to sleep in. I just washed them this morning but my inadequate clothesline isn't wide enough so my husband suggested we hang the cover by it's 4 corners, hammock-style and they dried perfectly without any weird creases! But here's something sent the linen on the 3rd of January and I received it in Australia on the morning of the 7th. Un-bloody-believable!!!"
~ Hayley Hillis

"Hi Tricia,

I am not sure where to start since each element in the bed makeover really adds something special…


I know everyone says the sheets were soft but I am not sure I really got what that meant until I got mine. Truly there is something you can't quite put your finger on in terms of how soft and pillowy the bed feels with your linen sheets.

My husband was doubtful about the flat sheet but it has not moved an inch. I have to say I put on my old 1200 count cotton fitted sheet just to prove to myself that I wasn't imagining things and it just feels 'tight' in comparison, bits of the mattress show etc.


The summer cover has been just perfect since we have had a lot of warm nights already and we really have not needed anything else — and its only September. I usually would have a wool quilt on still and put up with a little sweating… No more.


And then the bolsters… they really have transformed things and do everything that the website says. No piles of foo foo cushions and pillows to send my husband nuts (or snoozing spots for Wil, our new dog, in the night).


One pillow is just right for reading and snuggling in to sleep, and then in the morning I just pull up the cover and plump the two pillows and we are set to go again…

So as I say, I am not sure which piece has been the best…"

Happy Customer Testimonial

"I am a retired teacher who lives in central North Carolina. One of the perks of retirement is that I can lie in bed in the morning and savor my Rough Linen bed makeover! "
~ Patricia Cooney

Happy Customer Testimonial

"We couldn't be more pleased with the duvet cover, sheets and pillowcases. They are a perfect complement to our country home."
~ Elaine Charnov

"Hi, I'm Felix, I live in Henderson, NV. I love the Linen sheets the quality is superb it was my first time ever in my life sleeping with them. It's so different. When I woke up in the middle of the night I thought maybe I drank too much and passed out in somebody's drapes. Because of the way the material felt but they felt like very expensive nice drapes so I thought maybe I was in the White house or something. But then I seen my wife and realized I was at home with these wonderful sheets lol."

~ Felix, Henderson, NV

"Dear Tricia and team,

I SO LOVE my new linen! I read your website carefully before purchasing and felt I was making an informed decision. But it was all way BETTER than expected. The hand wrapped and ribboned parcels were just delightful (and it takes A LOT for me to be thrilled about packaging) and the linen itself — AMAZING!

And my bed make over. I was so impressed with the custom fit — perfect, perfect perfect. The smooth linen sheets have been heaven to sleep on. It is just such a pleasure to relax each evening in such splendid, yet "simple" surrounds. I purchased both a summer cover and the duvet cover — and the timing was optimal — within a few days of putting on the summer cover, Autumn weather arrived and I had a chance to use the duvet cover. I love it all. All I can say is I can't recommend Rough Linen highly enough. Kindness"

~ Liz – Sydney, Australia


I dearly love my bed makeover! It's been a joke in our family how often I have changed linens and quilts etc. over the years. They won't laugh any more! It was this I was looking for to look beautiful and cover me in luxury. Linen has always been my favorite material as long as I can remember. I can now wear it during the day and sleep on it every evening. My first night of contentment I slept in until 8:30 am! I am always up by 6:00. The minute I crawled under the duvet the evening before I felt as if I were exactly where I wanted and needed to be. I know I sound a bit off-center, but these linens are what I have searched for at least ten years!"

~ Jeanette

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