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My husband, two little boys and I recently moved from California to Colorado. Our son, Grant (3) loves animals- dogs and horses in particular- the outdoors, reading and playing board games. Warren (1) is enarmored with his big brother and is the biggest cuddle bug.

We built our home after falling in love with the land- a beautiful 2 acre lot with a small lake and a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. My husband and I love watching our boys play outside in the yard- a luxury we didn't enjoy in our California Townhouse. Inside our home, a few of my favorite things are the wood floors, living room fireplace, my kitchen (especially the antique brass hood) and the master bedroom/bath.

When we moved we changed from a California King to King sized bed, and I went on the hunt for new linens. After hours of research and reading countless reviews, I decided to order the Rough Linen Summer Bed. The beautifully wrapped package came while we were still in transition (living with my parents and not quite into our new construction). We moved in and I hesitated to put on the linens... The simplistic beauty of the set perfectly fit our aesthetic, but the texture was so different from anything my husband or I had slept on before and I honestly wasn't sure we would like the feel them. Finally, after a month of putting it off, I made the transition. The first morning after sleeping on the linens I eagerly asked my husband his thoughts. To my surprise, he absolutely loved them! He had the BEST night of sleep and said he wished we'd started using them earlier. We both love our the linens feel and how they look in our room. Thank you so much!

~ Valerie