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Tamonie here from Ypsilanti, Michigan — just lying here totally enjoying our lovely Rough Linen sheets and slips.

Nine years ago today, my best friend and I were celebrating our marriage in Maui. Today I'm a stay-at-home mom of three children with very busy schedules with a husband who has three jobs, so unfortunately there just isn't enough time or money to fly off to Maui to celebrate this year. That will not stop the party, though, as we've made our own little paradise at home. My husband surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries, gelato and wine from our favorite Maui vineyard. We are having them in our linen hideaway, also known as our bedroom, which features linen curtains, lampshades and bedding. I even splurged on new linen sheets to make this occasion perfect. Thank you for a wonderful product and I pray we enjoy them all the days of our marriage.

~ Tamonie