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Smooth Linen

Smooth Linen Fabric

My pure Belgian 100% linen sheeting comes in two colors, natural and white, which harmonize perfectly with the original, heavier Orkney fabric. I have it woven to my specification to be the quality and heft equivalent to brands costing twice as much. Don't compare this with even high-end chain store linen — this is better. Sheeting is close-woven and smooth in texture, in contrast to the 'rough' of rustic Orkney which resembles traditional homespun. Its double width makes it suitable for sheets (no one wants a seam in a sheet!) but its finer weave and smoothness are also well suited for pillowslips, napkins and tablecloths, especially when the two textures are in contrast.

Smooth Linen Fabric Smooth Linen Fabric light grey

Smooth sheeting is quite stiff before washing, but do not fear. Washing it for the first time will release the texture, and it will have a softly rumpled feel. See our customer reviews to read what 300+ people have to say on the matter. Smooth sheeting comes in Natural and White - both soften and lighten in colour over time.

Smooth Linen Fabric

See the below videos to learn more about this incredible fabric.

Tricia talks about Smooth white linen sheeting from Rough Linen

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