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I can't say enough about your wonderful linen collection. It reminds me of linen from years gone by. The packaging is delightful... the tied ribbon, the little card, and the fresh smell... I almost didn't want to open them.

I live in a loft located in Virginia and am integrating more and more of your Rough Linen collection into my home.

The Rough Linen tablecloths and napkins create a lovely table setting… along with my rustic pottery. The pottery I purchased from a local (Hampton Roads) potter, Ms. Donna Proctor. I started out with a soup mug and as you can see, my collection has grown. It resides in an antique cabinet when not in use. The cabinet has glass doors so the pottery is on display (as it should be)… it’s a work of art!

My quilt was purchased from a wonderful quilter who has a shop on ETSY. She is the sweetest and her designing and quilting are remarkable. I decided to purchase the quilt with the intent of adding it to my quilt collection that is kept in an antique cupboard, however, when it arrived, it had to have its proper place hanging on the wall. It is absolutely breathtaking in person.

A Rough Linen fan forever,