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The Art of Doing Stuff

Karen Bertelsen is a woman after my own heart - ingenious, witty, and not afraid to get her hands dirty! The Art of Doing Stuff is full of projects and clever ideas - enough to keep you very, very busy! She’s been a champion for our pinafores, robes, and tea towels, and we even made a proving cloth just for her - available for purchase on her website.

See what she’s up to now at

Rough Linen Partners

Kim Klassen

Kim is a creative still life stylist and photographer based in Manitoba, Canada. She loves using our linens for their rich texture and subtle colours, and graciously shares the world with us through her eyes.

Take a look at her work at, or follow her on Instagram @kimklassen

Rough Linen Partners

County Road Living

Angie Wendricks of @countyroadliving lives in a tiny house in Indiana. We, like so many others, fell in love with her Instagram images documenting their simple, prairie lifestyle in a spare and utterly refreshing home. Angie loves her Rough Linen duvet and pinafore, and has featured us many times in her images.

Rough Linen Partners

Sweet Elle

Sweet Elle of Gardena, CA is an artisanal furniture maker with a classic English style. Creator Lisa Faulkner, is a Brit like me, and since our products went so naturally together, a friendship was inevitable. After all, handcrafted beds like hers deserve beautiful linens, and our linens call for beautiful beds.

Take a look at her furniture at

Rough Linen Partners

Sunday Suppers

Brooklyn based Sunday Suppers is an unimaginably popular source for farm-to-table dining and simple, modernized versions of tried-and-true classic recipes. Karen Mordechai develops, prepares and photographs all of the recipes herself - with a down-to earth yet elegant aesthetic. Elemental and authentic, Rough Linen is perfectly suited to her rustic, communal table settings.

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