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These sheets have absolutely changed my life. I live in a charming apartment in Brooklyn with tons of light and exposed brick. I've always been a bed-low-to-the-ground sort of person, and these luxurious sheets (2 slips, 2 shames, sheet, and duvet pictured) have made it virtually impossible to leave my bed.

Here's the key: warm enough for cold winter nights, but cool and breathable for when the sun spills in in the morning and heats everything up. Absolute life changer!

Sending some photos of the bed made (pictured sleeping is my Japanese friend, Rilakkuma!) and of it all tossed up, in which state I think it looks even more alluring. :-)

Taking a shot for the credit (I either want a summer cover or even better, to entice my girlfriend to pick up her own set!) but no hard feelings either way!

~ Nicholas