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Mary Jo

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Our puggle Jack, he is a beagle-pug mix and is two years old. He is very bright, as you can see, as he quickly understood the appeal of linen. The foot belongs to my husband Steve. Everyone loves the linen duvet! We travel often to France, which is where we fell in love with linen sheets. I have been tempted to buy some there for years, but was afraid that the sizes would be off for our US comforters and mattresses, and never got around to checking if that was so. So I was thrilled when I found you. I don’t understand the current obsession with super duper high thread count sheets…they don’t breathe like linen. We love the cool, crisp, feel of linen. And the fact that it BREATHES. The duvet cover with a down comforter is the perfect heft, just right for our Minnesota winters. We are happy campers and will probably add a king sheet next. ~ Mary Jo. MARY JO TOOK ADVANTAGE OF HER CONTEST WIN: "My king sheet arrived on Friday. It is pure heaven. You have such a great product."

~ Mary Jo