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We live on Nantucket Island. My fiancé and I just bought our first house. We’re blessed enough to be able to hear the waves crashing from our bedroom and are loving the new duvet; basking in the magic of it all. I waited with baited breath for our duvet to arrive, only two days even with the added distance of being on an island out at sea.

While my fiancé first balked at the large expense, shortly thereafter I found him lounging in bed with our doggies admitting that “this linen stuff” was pretty fantastic!

I worked in boutique hotels for years and good sheets are one of the few luxury items I insist that we splurge on. Pratesi was my go to for years, but I hated that after two nights in it, they felt like they needed to be washed a pressed again (a luxury that two 30 somethings could not justify). Nice percale cotton was my next love, but even the most expensive don’t hold a candle to this rough linen

~ Maggie