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I almost did not want to open my package when it arrived because it was so beautifully tied and smelled refreshingly clean! I caved in and the first thing I did was take photos of my baby nephew all wrapped up in the Smooth Linen sheets. I am an amateur photographer and just knew the sheets would add the right touch of light and texture needed to capture his first, magical Christmas.

My husband and I are recently married and moved into our first home which happens to be a beach bungalow in Santa Monica, CA. I had to buy everything from scratch since moving from the east coast and wanted to maintain the beachside theme. Enter Rough Linen! I was so happy to come across Tricia's products because it screams laid back comfort - perfect for our little bungalow. I purchased a bed makeover in Smooth White and Orkney White as well as the Myriad curtains for my living room and bedroom. The ocean breeze adds a soothing and gentle movement to the curtains. It offers just the right amount of privacy without completely blocking our beautiful view. The curtains even allow just enough air to pass through and lull me to sleep on my chaise. The bed makeover has transformed my husband's sleep because we no longer have to deal with shifty and uncomfortable blankets. All we need is the soft yet substantial weight of the Orkney duvet. It doesn't weigh down my lightweight comforter but actually makes it even more lofty. Going to bed has been the highlight or our days. As an added bonus, it is VERY easy to clean and low maintenance - once again, perfect for our laid back bungalow.

Thanks so much for making quality products Tricia. I am eyeing the new charcoal color for the winter!

~ From a very satisfied customer,