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My little family just moved into our first home just outside of San Francisco. We're slowly making it ours and absolutely loving the process.

I adore Rough Linen products and more importantly - its philosophy. We have lots of space to fill, but I'm forcing myself to take it slowly and only purchase quality items we love. I rarely buy anything new and love to find objects with a history or story. For me, it's a more fulfilling way to build a home. My furnishings are reminders of many crazy stories (mostly thanks to Craigslist and my willingness to travel great distances for the perfect piece of furniture!) and experiences. Just ask my husband about the overpriced broke-down chesterfield sofa I brought home in the back of a pick-up in rush hour... nearly an hour and a half away.

Our Rough Linen bedding fits right into our new space. Its relaxed look and comfortable finish is just perfect. We'll be upgrading all of our bedding room by room as we can.

~ Jennifer