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We emigrated from Marin County, California a couple of decades ago, and settled in the foothills of Little Grayback Mountain in the Siskiyous, situated in SW Oregon. We had a bit of culture shock and were homesick the first year. Some said we wouldn't last, and would return to what we knew as civilization. But, we grew to love the millions of trees that reminded us of the sound of distant freeways (only there are none within 30 miles of us!). Soon we forgot about the din and bustle of that old life,and were awed by the evanescence of the clouds, calmed by the rustle of the creatures of the woods. We love the pace of wildlife and creek, and have settled in nicely. To think the nearest store is over 8 miles away was unsettling at first. We have a very big pantry now.

Gradually, rooms were added to our rustic little house, and over the years we made ourselves right at home. Two great-great grandmothers came to America from Scotland, and I feel their stories in my soul. I hung my great-grandmother's butterfly collection from the late 1800s, an old Boston rocker that belonged to her, oh and lots of wonderful things from the olden days! My latest wonderful discovery for nest-feathering - Tricia's marvelous linens! Things always change. Our daughter grew up and moved on to live her own fascinating life. I took over her bedroom, and lately have added natural Orkney and white myriad curtains to the windows, and both natural and white linens for sheets, pillow cases, and bolsters. What an absolutely marvelous result, serene, restful, rejuvenating. I sometimes find myself stopping in the doorway, taking a moment to enjoy the sunlight filtering through the curtains, and drink in all the domestic bliss. When nighttime comes, the Orkney curtains beckon me to come rest. And I do. Corny, oh yes, but who cares?!

~ Jeanie