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My pinafore arrived just in time for the Valentines day rush! I have been lucky enough to be floral designer for 30+ years. The aprons I normally wear that secure behind my neck and waist were starting to feel like a weight around my neck. I was over on Kim Klassen's blog were I noticed she and her gal pals were all wearing a great looking apron/pinafore that just went over the shoulder. It looked so comfortable. She mentioned Rough Linen and I headed over. Tricia was so great helping me select the petite and it fits perfectly. The large pockets are great for my tools and such and it is so comfortable. I have already received many compliments on how great it looks. It comes home with me every day, as it is great in the kitchen as well as the garden where I spend most of my free time.

Thanks Tricia for a great product and the samples which will help me decide which linen product is next for my home!

~ Jaci