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My husband and I live in a log home on Lake Redstone in La Valle a small rural town in south west Wisconsin. Our home is on a beautiful lake and we love the natural look of nature mixed with the cozy feel of a log home. We built the house in 1999 and moved here full time in 2011. We have been done decorating for a long time except for the bedroom which was my task to finish this spring. I have always wanted linen sheets but never knew where to find them or what to expect if I did find them.

Well I am happy to say that I am thrilled at my purchase and love the look of Linen in a Log Home on a Lake!!

Our new Rough Linen fits in perfectly. I even love how they look drying on a line out front but nothing beats slipping underneath them at the end of the day in our log bed. They look amazing and feel even better. Thank you so much for making them!!

~ Debra