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Rough Linen, I'm so glad I've finally found you! Years ago, when staying with my husband's family in Italy, I slept on real linen bed linens--and I've been looking for something similar ever since. Then last summer I discovered Rough Linen online. I immediately purchased the summer bed set which was perfect for our Los Angeles late summer heatwaves. For Christmas, my husband and I bought ourselves the bed makeover and now we're set for all seasons. After it warmed up enough to do without a down comforter in the duvet, I put our Pendleton wool blanket inside and it's perfect. We enjoy the natural and understated elegance the linen brings to our small home. Linen's functionality suits us perfectly and it is quite at home with our crafty and homemade treasures. Thank you! I've included photos of the summer bed and the bed makeover as well as photos of our living room, bathroom, and some favorite things and spaces.

~ Caroline