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Bluewater Ranch in Bolinas, California, was remodeled by Mindy Marin, a film industry veteran who uses it as an escape from the pressures of Hollywood.

"Mindy used beautiful rustic wood. It has a patina and a character you can't find just anywhere. Mindy really let the spirit of the old place come through" says Cindi Osborn, founder of Mint Locations.

" Creative directors and stylists love it as a photo shoot location: wide-plank floors, salvaged-wood paneling and a highly textured ceiling give this location a rustic chic aura.

Agencies and photographers are looking for a place where the design and the architecture are alive in a house.

A great home communicates something — an alchemy of beauty and a sense of place.."

Find Mint Locations here and Bluewater Ranch here.

~ Bluewater