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I've been wearing my pinafore since it arrived two weeks ago. It's given me a chance to realize why I really enjoy wearing it. Unlike aprons that tie at the waist, the pinafore is loose and not binding which is very comfortable. Who needs more tight stuff around their waist anyway? My pinafore is the first thing I put on when I step into 'cooking' mode and have really lightened my spills on my clothes…yeah, less laundry!!

It's always scary buying something sight unseen that's not inexpensive but I am very pleased with the weight of the linen and texture. I know that with subsequent washings it will become even softer and softer and feel really great. I carefully washed everything and ironed it too; I'm not promising anyone that will be a regular occurrence!!  Your workmanship is really beautiful and it's obvious you take a lot of pride in your work.

~ Anna