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Baby Alpaca Scarf

Are you drawn to the very best, natural, fabrics?  The real thing, with all its virtues.

Nothing could be softer and warmer than these light-as-air baby alpaca scarves, the perfect winter friend.  Plain, with soft tassels, wide enough to be a shawl round your shoulders, light enough to loop around your neck and snuggle up to your ears. A gorgeous winter layer to go from heated inside to chilly outside and back again - in style. After all, the goal is to have bright eyes, pink cheeks and that winter sparkle, not a red nose and your shoulders up by your ears!

Baby” Alpaca refers to the fineness of the fiber and does not comeonly from baby animals - though they do tend to have the softest, finest wool. Baby Alpaca fiber also comes from under the neck and chest of Alpacas of any age, where the finest and softest hairs are found.

Product Information

Material: 100% Baby Alpaca
Sizing: 28" x 74" with 3" fringe
Care: Dry clean only
Made in Peru

Light Grey
Dark Grey
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