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    Echo Linen Robe


    This elegant, fluid robe will transport you to another level of relaxation. drifting over your body with a nature-inspired pattern woven in color and texture.  Subtle Jacquard weave in gentle, flattering tones: soft Blush, pale sky Ciel, gentle Natural, and clear Silver.

    Make a note in the order if you want 2 different colors, otherwise both robes will be the same color.

    (see size chart)


    Material: 100% Linen
    Sizing:  Small through Extra Large
    Care: Machine wash with a small amount of gentle detergent, not Tide. Tumble dry on hot or medium, and remove from the dryer while still very slightly damp so wrinkles do not set. Shake the fabric out flat and smooth it with your hands. If you can dry outside, let fresh air and sun work their magic.

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