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Day Blanket

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We love these beautifully light and soft pure linen twill Day Blankets. Each one is generously sized, fringed all the way round, and the jacquard looms give one side in the main colour, and the reverse a gentle variation on the tone. The fluid weave is as easy to care for as our other linens: just wash, and gently dry.

Three subtle colours - Shadow, Silver, and Natural. 

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Product Information

Material: 100% Linen
Size: 58" wide x 86" long
(includes 1" fringe on all sides)
Care: Choose a delicate wash in your washing machine, and use a small amount of mild detergent. Never use bleach.You can hand wash if you prefer.
Tumble dry on medium heat, and remove while still slightly damp, lay it flat and allow to complete drying naturally. You can also line dry if you have that option, and finish it with a few minutes of tumble drying to soften. The combination of drying methods minimises wrinkles.
Your Day Blanket will throw off lint for the first few washes, this is normal.

Made in Lithuania.

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