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Tricia's Rough Linen October Newsletter

October 01, 2016

I'm so happy to show you our beautiful new addition - the Winter Coverlet - filled with 100% natural wool from a local producer, Sonoma Wool, located just miles away in bucolic Sonoma County. As the seasons change, I wanted to offer a warmer version of our lighter, cotton-filled Coverlet - and this fluffy pure wool infill is perfect.
Here I am with Amy from Sonoma Wool Company - learning about their beautiful layered batting and gathering ideas for how to best use this incredible material inside our coverlets.
The finished product is a lofty blanket, warm enough to use alone, or to layer on as temperatures bottom out.
All coverlets now come in six Orkney colours: natural, white, black, charcoal, indigo, dusk - and three sizes: throw, queen and king.
Made in our signature Orkney linen, perfectly plain with elegant quadrant seaming and simple "+" tufting, the Winter Coverlet provides substantial warmth without weighing you down.

See in our latest video how these coverlets are made, starting at the woolshed.
Are we thrilled to be working with a committed local producer who so clearly knows her stuff?  Yes, thank you, Amy!  
In creating Rough Linen I wanted to strike a balance between tradition and modern minimalism - timeless but not bland, both natural and chic. When it came to choosing colours for our palette we looked for rich, deep hues to ground the white and natural ones. (this is fun!)
Black, charcoal, indigo... these colours are not for the faint of heart. I love their urban, slightly masculine feel, and the dramatic contrast against light walls. Bold, but calming...

Think of sleeping in this ~
Try out the look with a Duvet Cover or Shams, or go all the way with a handsome Bed Makeover in black. The invisible zipper closure makes it truly minimalist, or you can opt for slim black buttons if you want a bit of detail.

Is black a colour?  I don't really care, I just enjoy it.
Black is always a good idea.
Early autumn feels like a forager's paradise, personal, before the pressure of the holiday season builds up. There are few things I enjoy more than reaping a harvest from some wild or public trove, and puttering around my garden.
Since I love food, I always make what you could call 'a good table', using the things that give me pleasure - my Orkney linen napkins, with a tablecloth on my polished wooden table, my favorite plates, and, of course, delicious food, for me.  Enjoy the lull - the turkey can wait.