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Tricia's Rough Linen October 2015 Newsletter

October 03, 2015

Who doesn’t love indigo?  Grounding but fresh, never cloying, brilliant with all shades of wood.  It reminds us of the deepest ocean.
So we decided to dip our toes in the water and float the idea of this deep, rich hue forduvet covers, summer covers and shams, before winter sets in.

I think the most fun we had with this was choosing the buttons.  After all the practicalities – have we enough fabric, is the color stable (yes!), does it feel relevant with our white and natural sheets (yes yes!) -
First we tried white buttons – too Minnie Mouse.  Then my beloved coconut.  All right in a kind of a limited way for an off night.
Finally, and without much expectation, black: and to our delight the inkiness of our just-sub-black buttons added sophistication to the richness of the blue.  A marriage made in heaven.
Pair with white sheets and pillow slips for classic crispness, but I prefer the touch of worldliness natural sheets add to the mix.  Urbane, comfortable, effortless.

One day I hope to lure the brilliant photographer/creator/stylist Kara Rosenlund across the Pacific.  Meanwhile if you have always wanted to visit Australia, see her new book, out October 15.   

Kara followed her heart and her eye through the outback, meeting people, who knew someone, then someone else, who led her to yet another enchanting discovery…  Sheer escapist magic.
Could that be a Rough Linen cover, gone native? - Satellite Island
We have been brainstorming more for the winter - fresh collaborations, the Remodelista Market at Heath Ceramics in San Francisco December 12-13, new products: lots of things to play with!

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