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Tricia's Rough Linen November 2016 Newsletter

October 31, 2016

We've got you covered (and a little gift too)
It is the very definition of the holiday season isn't it - we all gather together around the table, the more the merrier. If you have an extending table, prepare to extend it now.
Linen is the classic table covering, and thank goodness it is robust, easy to clean, traditional and good-looking. Versatile too - so if you are wondering how to dress your table, start here.

See the video for ideas on adapting your table linens to larger-than-usual tables.
Holiday food.  Your washing machine is cowering.

Take a deep breath, and know it will all come good. First of all, linen is a bast fibre, and doesn't take stains deep into the thread. Secondly, a drop or two of hand washing-up liquid rubbed into a greasy mark works wonders, and thirdly, even bad stains tend to come out with repeated washing. My best tip? Don't tumble dry a stain, as heat can set it.

Light colours versus dark? Whites can be bleached, but dark colours are more forgiving in the moment, and can ease the guilt of whichever guest upturns a full glass of port.
For a truly sophisticated look, try layering. Start with a base - Natural is a subtle and accommodating background, White is traditional and a bit more formal. The pin-tucked border and raw edge on our Smooth Tablecloth is a special, unique detail.
Then layer on a top cloth in textured Orkney. Are you tempted by the drama of Black, the liveliness of Indigo, or the sophistication of Charcoal? The top layer can be straight or (if you have a smaller one) try it on the diagonal - both are lovely.
Finally, add colour and interest with your napkins and other adornments.
Charcoal is subtle and modern against black, Dusk is refreshing and unexpected. For a delicate, refined detail, the Raw Edge will be just the thing. If you have classic blue and white china, pick it up with Indigo napkins. There is fun to be had.
Cocktails on the house!
Well... Cocktail Napkins, that is.

Hors d'oeuvres - tempting, crumbly delicious little morsels which can leave you sitting in your best dress with a glass in hand and sticky fingertips. We're here to help!
We're giving away a FREE set of 12 Raw Edge Cocktail Napkins with every purchase of $300 or more. Ends Thanksgiving Day (Nov 24th). No code, just order, then have fun planning your nibbles while you wait for your package to arrive.
Simple, elegant little things - these are much classier than your average printed paper variety, and less wasteful too. Your friends will ohh and ahh and your mother-in-law will be quietly impressed. BUT DON'T WAIT - This offer is only good until Turkey Day.
...But once a year
Ho ho ho - it's hard to believe, but the holidays are coming closer! Time to break out the decorations! Once again, our Orkney Linen Stockings are available - clean and minimal, you can decorate yourself or enjoy their simplicity. They make even tinsel look classy.
Now in all six of our Orkney colours - and plenty of room inside for all of the exciting little treats children (and adults) enjoy. What's in your stocking?