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Tricia's Rough Linen May 2015 Newsletter

April 25, 2015

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10
My mother was a schoolteacher. One afternoon she came home tired and dispirited, so my younger brother and sister brought her a cup of tea and sang for her.  So simple, and I don’t think anything has touched her more.
Go easy on the outward form on Mother’s Day, and focus on the inner substance.  You can’t bamboozle your mother!  Give her what she wants, which is probably some time with you, and some of the grace notes of life.

Dare I say flowers?
While flowers never fail - and I hate to be commercial - forgive me - a pretty scarf never goes amiss.

Nor a hand towel or two.

Just hold back on the tea towels unless you know she particularly wants some. You understand what I’m saying.
Teach your parent well by showing her you appreciate her individuality: try a pinaforewith a box of water colours tucked into the pocket, or a good pair of florist's secateurs, or needles and skeins of colorful embroidery silks. 
Charcoal Gray
For a while now customers have been asking me for Charcoal Gray duvets, Summer Covers and shams, and at last I have found the perfect colour.  Isn’t it smart?  Up to the minute, simple and urbane, a worthy addition to traditional Natural and White.  Coconut buttons look particularly good with this colour.
Ask me if you want other items in this new gray Orkney, I want to know what you want!  We have the fabric in stock and we make all our products in-house, in Marin County right here in the USA, so we can send out within the week.

Custom colours take longer since we send you a sample for approval and get enough for your order from the mills, which takes up to two weeks.
The birds are singing, the sun is shining and I’m going outside, the spring weather is too good to miss.  Hang your washing if you can!