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Tricia's Rough Linen March 2016 Newsletter

February 27, 2016

It would be hard to find a more modest, self-effacing comfort than a bolster, or one more useful.  It exists to serve.
I have been beating the drum for years for a bolster behind your bed-pillows, to fill the awkward black hole between the mattress and headboard if you like to read in bed (or sit up and drink coffee, or use your laptop), but Wait! There’s More!
There is a theory that something smaller and stiffer than a pillow to sleep on causes fewer wrinkles.  It’s a little early for me to tell, but I appreciate the greater structure of a bolster under my head when I’m lying on my side, and, unlike a pillow, you don’t need to pummel it into shape.  An interesting experiment.
If you have a deep sofa which is ideal for relaxing but which leaves older relatives floundering and trapped, see the difference a bolster can make, with throw pillows on top.  Stable, supportive and decorative.  Bolsters rule for any kind of propping up, even emotional – try cuddling one!
Bolsters are created in my exclusive Orkney linen which, as you know, comes in five colors - natural, black, white, charcoal and indigo. You did know, didn't you?
So many customers have asked me about which infill to use and how to stuff it into my bolster cover that I finally made a movie - click to play.
Here on the Pacific coast spring has arrived, and it is already warm enough to eat al fresco while cutting blossom and putting bedding plants out.
We will gear up for the big holiday feasts too of course, but meanwhile it is blissful simply to put the basics out on the table, and grab a bit of salad and a mouthful of wine in between weeding and planting. 
Don't save your linens for best, live with your luxuries.

Complementing the cornucopia of salad delights, we dressed the table with a 58" natural linen Orkney tablecloth, a 6 ft. white table runner and some natural 24" napkins and under the wine bottle and glasses are white cocktail napkins.
Linen can cope with anything, even Betsy the chicken.

Gives a new meaning to the words table runner. Go Betsy, go!
We were pleased to the point of smugness with the ‘Take the Smooth with the Rough’ Instagram contest we ran in February – and we have a winner! 
Sooky Fella made our hearts beat a little faster with his manly stubble resting comfortably on Smooth Linen.  Rough enough for us!  Gloating Wife (Irene) now has $250 in linen, as well as her fella to share it with – hardly seems fair does it?

Smooth Linen white sheets are here
Runners-up receive $50 each. This adorable winning photos is from our customer Allie.

Pillow slips are here        Duvet cover here
Runner-up photo by Jamie. White linen tea towels are here.

We are so happy with the photos we are even sending out some lavender bags for honorable mentions.  We’ll be doing this again.
Several contestants sent us Instagram videos. I love this one from Jessica of her two cats "playing" in my linen. Jessica - returns with cat scratch marks will not be accepted. - click to play video
My elder son is being saved from lifelong bachelordom by a wonderful young woman on March 6, guess what they are getting as a wedding present!  (yes, plenty of Rough Linen)  

This is the month for weddings and all the other lighter-hearted manifestations of rebirth, mad March hares, fecund Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs, blossom and greenery burgeoning to celebrate spring. Enjoy it all!