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Tricia's Rough Linen March 2015 Newsletter

February 28, 2015



It's March. It shouldn't be Spring quite yet, but here in California it is, and fragrant white spring blossom is everywhere. Plum, pear, apple: I am in heaven — I hope East Coast readers aren't moved to tears with the memory of long-departed warm weather. 
One of the pleasures of the run-up to spring is sorting out your linen closet - it's not a bad job! Channel Mrs Beeton and Martha Stewart and dream of cedar lined armoires and pretty ribbons, and the scent of lavender.
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Of course, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere it is all reversed, children are going back to school and mothers are collapsing with relief with being able to get on with things — duvets and blankets are brought out and aired again, sun-faded swimsuits and straw hats are hung up until September and sandals suddenly look scuffed and shabby.
All our whites start with a subtle creamy tone and harmonize together.  They grow whiter with use, washing and exposure to sunshine, especially if you are fortunate enough to be able to line-dry.

Orkney White 

White linen has a special kind of freshness and purity - this is White Orkney. 
Orkney is our thickest weave, textured just like homespun, and it is my favorite fabric, in White or Natural.  

Strong White

Architect Daniel Hale has Strong White Sheets and pillow slips in his St. Helena bedroom. Strong White Sheeting is woven to our specifications to be deliciously smooth and heavy, just the way linen sheets should be.   

Myriad White

There is nothing like the pleasure of flinging open the windows and smelling fresh, cool air.  Spend a moment watching white linen curtains billowing hypnotically in the breeze... this is Myriad, the lightest and most open weave we have.  Billowing is what it does best.
Whether it is Spring or Autumn for you, enjoy the relative mildness of these between times, the subtle changes in light and length of day.
I hope they are welcome wherever you live.

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