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Tricia's Rough Linen June 2016 Newsletter

June 01, 2016

Summertime calls for airy sheets, shaded windows and balmy outdoor dining. We want to help you tick off your summer linen checklist and make the next months as comfortable (and, of course, beautiful!) as can be.

Dreams come true under a St Barts Summer Cover in heavenly pale blue.

Summer Shade

Sun a little bright?  Myriad will filter it, Orkney will soften it, while frivolous St Bartsstripes transport your mind to the seaside. All of them move gently in the breeze from an open window as only linen can.

Summer Sleep

Feeling hot and sticky at night is a miserable business, so turn with relief to the fabled coolness of linen next to your skin. Smooth linen sheets and pillowcases, and the simplicity of a Summer Cover so making the bed is no more effort than a flick of your wrists. Don't forget the old mother's trick of turning your pillow over to the cool side when you wake in the middle of the night.

Cooler in the small hours?  Add the light comfort of a coverlet, then turn over and drift back to sleep.

Summer Bath

Linen towels are an adult experience. Thinner, rougher and more absorbent than cotton terry, they will polish your skin and wake it up. Linen dries in no time at all so they never get fusty, as long as you remember to hang them up, not leave them on the floor. Who doesn't want smooth wide-awake skin? 

Then slip into a linen robe, far more spa-like than flannel or microfiber. Summer of '16 has begun, revel in it. 

Linen is a luxury that doesn't take time from your day, it simply makes your everyday a little more pleasing, more comfortable, more enjoyable.

Artisan Affinity

Every few months we collaborate with an artist or artisan, and this spring we have been watching Jen Burkett of Esperanza Workshop transform our Orkney scraps with beeswax and ingenuity into water-resistant, sweet-smelling bicycle bags - visit her website to get a glimpse of Rough Linen in a whole new form! 

If you have a project and our scraps might be able to help you, just ask as for some:  we will love to see what you make.
Linen beeswax bags from Esperanza Workshop
Enjoy some hot-weather temptation, and an invitation to the coolest, cleanest, most comfortable and most simple fabric in the world, made for summer days.

 Revel in the Summer of '16!