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Tricia's Rough Linen June 2015 Newsletter

May 30, 2015

All done? Great.

Q: What comes after spring cleaning? 

A: Working on yourself, of course!  There is so much more of you open to the air when the sweaters come off.
Exfoliation is one very good thing to do to save our skins.  Liberate your skin from winter and emerge from your cocoon by gentle scrubbing, then polish your skin dry with a linen towel.  You will feel revitalized: a blush on your cheeks, body tingling,  eyes sparkling...
I happen to have some handy.  Linen towels, that is.
A favorite for anyone who wears mascara: try a black hand towel to dry your precious physiognomy.  It’s not a bad idea to make the towels for hand drying a different colour, to keep them separate.
The beauty of a linen towel is that it dries quickly – really quickly, so it is far less likely to develop that horrible musty odour thick terry cotton can get when it hangs around after use (almost impossible to get rid of too). 

It certainly helps that linen is inherently anti-microbial, another reason it stays fresh.  
These towels are not heavy; hang them by their loop or drape them casually – or neatly folded – over a towel rail, preferably where the air can get to them.  

As long as they’re not on the bathroom floor you won’t find a soggy mess when you come back to them.
A linen bath towel is my preferred size for drying, I don’t like excesses of fabric.  This can be pulled in both hands to scour your back deliciously, or wound around wet hair. Dry lovingly between each toe.
The bath sheet is big enough to wrap around your body (although I did hear from a large irate man who said it wasn’t big enough for HIS body).  These are 35” x 54”.
My bath makeover is available in Orkney Natural, Black, White, and now Charcoal Gray.  Subtle.  Urbane.  Forgiving.
Father's Day is Sunday, June 21. 

He will love a pinny - maybe he'll barbecue!  

Pictured are my brother-in-law, Michael, my son, Felix, and my daughter and her husband, George.

The photos are all of black pinafores but I have all the Orkney colors - Natural, White, Charcoal Gray and Indigo. 

Pinafores are a family affair. One for Dad and one for you ...

Me? I'm back to the bath ~