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Tricia's Rough Linen July 2016 Newsletter

July 05, 2016

It had to be the perfect, sophisticated pink, and at last we have it in our eager hands! We wanted it to be subtle and with an attitude, complex, but with a feeling of inevitability: pretty (do we ask a lot of our colour choices?  Yes).
We have been playing with it since the first perfect samples arrived - pairing it with our other colors and fabrics.
Dusk is one of those colours which changes with the light, so you have to see a sample. Photos can't do it justice. It changes character - edgy, moody, fresh, wistful...
First we made Orkney Duvets, Summer CoversShams, and Bolsters

Then Daiva decided she wanted pink napkins, and they are beautiful!  I think we're in love.
Do you know what a proving cloth is? Karen at the Art of Doing Stuff knows, and we love working with her: she is endlessly inventive, and just plain fun to have around.
Karen bakes her own bread, and asked if we could make her a traditional linen proving cloth to keep her loaves from sticking together while they rise. Stabilised raw edge so they don't fray, no hems to dent her buns, and the dashing Art of Doing Stuff logo, a cleaver, rampant.

Click here to read more about the Proving Cloth on Karen's website. Go on, you know you knead it....

(note to overseas customers: we will send these proving cloths First Class without tracking but can't persuade our OMS to show this option.  Cost will be under $6US per cloth and we will refund the difference you paid)
There was never any question of outsourcing our sewing as Rough Linen grew - after all, I started in classic fashion by sewing on my dining table. No, our workroom is right here in Marin County, close to the water, with lavender, lemons and tomatoes growing outside, natural light and fresh air.

Our stitching is simple - it is virtually all straight lines, but that is the point: straightlines.  We cut each item separately, not in a stack, because I think it is crucial to cut on the grain.  Who hasn't had even a 'good'  T shirt which was cut skewed?

We use smaller stitches than most, stronger and more pleasing to the eye. All our materials are plain, simple and good, chosen for function, not economy.  Even our wrapping is tissue and ribbon, no plastic.  My linen likes to breathe!

So what does it mean to you?
It isn't about perfection.  I love the slubs and and the selvedges which are part of the character of linen, the luster, the way the texture changes and softens over time, how natural linen silvers with washing and use. It's about rightness.

It is about all the boring details of ethical working, paying a decent wage and taxes, keeping jobs local, pleasant working conditions, and a useful, beautiful product we are proud to make together.