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Tricia's Rough Linen July 2015 Newsletter

June 27, 2015

Don’t Fight! 

It’s July and the weather is getting warmer, so whether you sleep diagonally across the bed or with a partner, you might want to adjust things to be a little more comfortable. I hate to be too warm, so guidelines for warm people first.

Cross draft maybe?  Or a fan?  Can you have the windows open, and even the curtains open too?  I know it depends where you live, but if you’ve lost touch with what you prefer, experiment a little. One person’s idea of heaven: total darkness, total silence – is another person’s claustrophobic nightmare (mine). I want to feel the weather, see the moon and the sun, breathe fresh air.

Don’t wear any more than you have to! There is such lovely flimsy nightwear available so if you prefer to wear it, treat yourself. Discard the duvet, have just a sheet or better still, a Summer Cover. These are a single layer of fabric, in Smooth natural or white sheeting, the St Barts colors, or my favorite Orkney natural (or white). Their advantage is that they have a good three inch hem all round and look more finished than a sheet, especially when the bed is not perfectly made. Nothing could be more simple than flicking it flat and plumping the pillows.

Speaking of pillows... they are hot even to look at. Simplify, and get rid of any you don’t need until autumn. Still too warm? An old mother’s trick is to turn over the pillow to feel the cool side. Linen has a particularly fresh ‘handle’ which is much cooler than cotton.  

Have water beside your bed, and a lavender sachet by your pillow for its soothing scent. 

In some places you just have to use air conditioning, and bless it, but don’t let it dry your skin. I grew up in Australia and we would take several short, cool showers a day in summer, and by short I mean less than a minute, so not to waste water. It can make a huge difference in comfort as you drift off.

And for people who sleep cool...

Just think what you save on air conditioning!

Wear jammies so you can keep coverings light and still be comfortable. Try a light duvet or even your duvet cover without an infill, to keep bed making simple. Have a throw handy for the cooler hours before dawn.

What if you are a cool person living with a warm person, or a warm person living with a couple of affectionate 80lb Labradors?

Take some comfort in remembering that linen ‘wears clean’, that is, it keeps fresh even under muggy circumstances, is inherently antimicrobial and resistant to stains and whiffiness. I’m afraid the rest is up to you.

Since we all wear less in the heat, it can be challenging to keep a balance between comfort and seemliness.  A pinafore is a simple and becoming cover-up, and throws a kindly layer over T-shirts and tank tops, shorts and leggings.  You will look smart, cool and appropriate, and you’ll have pockets too!

Stay cool, and don’t fight.  It isn’t worth it.

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