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Tricia's Rough Linen January 2016 Newsletter

January 02, 2016

It seems like yesterday but it was really 2012. I see a lady who is wearing anAmish pinafore she made from an old pattern, and we start talking.  When I get home I fiddle with it, add pockets - must have pockets! - and make it in linen.

I wear it everywhere.  I don't mislay my keys, my glasses or my phone.  I can cook without getting flour or sauce on my clothes.  I dry my hands on it in dubious restrooms, hold up the corners to harvest figs or tomatoes, cover up rather too figure-hugging yoga clothes.  Now people stop me on the street!

For the December 2012 Remodelista Holiday Market, we make 30.
In one hour they are all sold, even the ones we are wearing.
In three years I've sold 6,003, which is pretty amazing. I wear one nearly every day, and our ladies who sew them each has her own pinny.
Customers everywhere send me photos. Here's a group having Xmas fun. Two charcoal and one natural pinafore, and a maverick in our apron.

Pinnies now come in five all Orkney colors - natural, white, black, charcoal and indigo. Natural is the most popular by far.
From Elaine, who couldn't wait to sent me this lovely photo the day after Xmas:

I bought my pinafore earlier this year to wear on Christmas Day. I did, and I loved it!  

I received so many compliments from our guests, even my twenty two year old granddaughter.  Thank you again for such a great product.

Thought you might enjoy this pic of my pinny. She is a WARRIOR! The rascals will be home from college and other parts of the world on Thursday. She (my pinny, of course) and I have been doing what I love best…baking! (Well, if I can't be gardening anyway). She'll likely get washed tomorrow evening. The beauty of it is she'll look brand new.

I LOVE your products! I sleep in the Smooth white sheets and am slowly building my collection. Thanks for a quality product. 

~ Julie - Wayzata, MN

Once again we are offering an embroidered pocket on the pinafore for Valentine's Day.  The heart is red, and shot through this year with Cupid's dart.
Winter can leave mayhem in its trail.  Long nights?  We entertain...

First, a big party.  I put three tables end-to-end and covered them with natural Orkney tablecloths, Smooth white runners over the joins.  There is a certain amount of - uh - spillage.  Sauce, gravy, cream, but it all comes out with a simple wash.

A day later, my eldest son and his bride-to-be come over. We open the champagne and cook turducken.  The table was elegant in Orkney Charcoal, with black napkins.  We vary the damage with the addition of wine and candle wax, but it all comes up smiling that evening.  

Isn't it fortunate that folding linen oh-so-precisely is a zen activity?  I make the beds up afresh and don't fuss.

Two birthdays, four houseguests and an anniversary to go before we notice the days lengthening in February.  Is this sort of thing sounding familiar?

And then - out of the blue - Chad, a customer, sends me a great photo and oodles of praise ~
That just about sums up my feelings right now. I can’t believe how quickly you fulfilled my custom order, especially after the Black Friday rush! My new bedding was beautifully packaged and waiting for me when I returned home last night from a long week across the country for business.

Although I was dog-tired by the time I got to my house, I wasn’t about to go to sleep without trying out my new linens, and they are everything I had hoped for. I’m so glad I finally took the plunge and ordered them.

Here is a photo of the finished product: a charcoal Orkney duvet cover, Euro shams, and bolsters, along with my existing Strong White sheet and pillow slips.
I love the way the charcoal linen contrasts with the creamy white sheets and the deep, rich glow of the cherry on the bed that my father and I hand-crafted a few years ago; they complement each other perfectly. I slept so well last night—it was quite a warm welcome home! The only problem is that now I want to stay in bed all day. :-)

Thank you, Tricia, for your incredible customer service, your outstanding craftsmanship, and the care you put into everything you do. It is definitely noticed and much appreciated.
Your customer for life,
Chad, thank you I'm touched. 
I am so happy when my customers 'get' linen ...
this is exactly what it is meant to do, support us domestically, make our lives better, more comfortable, more enjoyable, with the minimum of fuss.  
Thank you Linum usitatissimum!