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Tricia's Rough Linen January 2015 Newsletter

January 03, 2015

The Philip Johnson Glass House
For six months I have been bursting with pride and a secret: the National Trust, which manages the mid-century iconic Glass House, requested Rough Linen bedding for guests who stay there overnight (donate $30,000 and it is yours, the overnight stay not the linen.) 

In June, 2014 I arrived on site with Margot Guralnick of Remodelista, and Matthew Williams, the stills photographer.

I took a little video camera and shot away - click the top photo to see my informal record.
It was magical working inside such a seminal building, noting all the intimacies of an iconic structure which was also a home – I was awed. 

I loved it: I loved the day, I loved the work, I loved the place and the people, and I was so happy to make up the bed with my linens.  May they serve it well!

Margot's Remodelista article 14 Lessons in Minimalism from the Glass House is here
Valentine’s Day
It has become a tradition at this time of year to throw prudence to the winds and wear our hearts on our... pinafore pockets!

We are doing a Valentine’s Day promotion, and we are having a lovely time choosing the heart we want this year.
Our hearts are always rosy red, and we are anticipating you will want natural Orkney, with maybe a few white pinnies.  

Is anyone out there Goth enough to want a red heart on black?
The Laundry List
 When it comes to laundry, linen is on the front line. I try constantly to find the best possible way to restore wounded linen soldiers to pristine condition.
I advise cold water machine wash, not because linen can’t take the heat, but because modern detergents don’t need heat to work.  If you are concerned about dust mites by all means turn up the heat in your washer.
Pre-treat stains if you can with a modern product.  I have saturated dry Orkney natural fabric with Shout and there was no discoloration at all, but undiluted washing detergents can pull out colour even on white, so beware!  Use dish detergent on greasy spots, it’s safer.
NO chlorine bleach.  NO harsh detergents. NO fabric softener.
If in doubt, line-dry to avoid setting stains with dry heat.  NEVER dry linen to a crisp – it is best to remove it from the drier still slightly damp, then spread it to dry.  Wrinkles fall away to leave you with the natural texture.
Do up any buttons

Machine wash with a mild detergent like Linen Wash (definitely not Tide).

I use cold water to be energy efficient but it is safe to boil-wash linen.

Never use bleach, not even on white linen.  It can create yellow blotches on natural, and bluish blotches on white.

A dilute OxiClean soak is fine as long as it is dissolved first and used on wet fabric.

Moops & Kiki approve

I am delighted to partner once again with Le Blanc Linen Wash to include a sample of their wonderful detergent with larger orders, while the samples last.  

Believe me, I'll be pestering them for more!  

I love the result and I love the smell.
Beware of Google when it comes to stain expertise!  All sources are not equal. 
Don't despair: find sound practical advice here from eBay (surprise) -
and authoritative backup here from The Smithsonian.
Latest Community Photos
I have been coveting your Rough Linen since I first saw the website almost 2 years ago.  At that time, we had just purchased an older 1979 home here in Fort McMurray, Alberta and have been renovating it to make it our own.

I knew the Myriad curtains would be perfect for the master bedroom …. and I like being right!  Wow.  

They look AMAZING!  

I love walking into the room, and see them as the icing on the cake -made even better when the window is open and they billow out with the breeze.  I am at peace and I catch myself smiling.  I am a lover of the unique, and items handmade with love.  Your wonderful linens are both. ~
From the newest community member:
My husband surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries, gelato and wine from our favorite Maui vineyard. We are having them in our linen hideaway, also known as our bedroom, which features linen curtains, lampshades and bedding. I even splurged on new linen sheets to make this occasion perfect. Thank you for a wonderful product. ~ Tamonie

I welcome January, with the promise of a fresh start, and the holiday hoo-ha behind us. 

Here’s to 2015, may it be good for all of us.

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