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Tricia's Rough Linen February 2016 Newsletter

January 30, 2016

I was inspired by the patterns and creativity of the Gee's Bend Quilt makers
The excitement of making a quilt the proper way, from scraps, is the balance between accuracy and ingenuity.  The aim is to create beauty of expression with economy – even frugality – of means.

From these leftover indigo scraps, drying on my deck -
to a finished one-off Rough Linen quilt made from those scraps and other colours pieced together, filled with cotton and backed with pieced Smooth Linen.
So far two colorways, one with indigo, white and natural  - and a throw with a different colorway, gray, white, black.  Just starting a third with gentle natural and white linen.
I can't stop making quilts ...
This is the fun part.
the finished product - see the process in this little video (click the arrow ...)
We went to the park and tried a quilt on Blackie. Doesn't it suit him?
How I love Sonoma Country Antiques!

Sonoma artisans are meeting on February 13 to hold a market benefiting Sonoma Overnight Support SOS homeless shelter.     These community events are always fun.

Traditional Homes Editor-in-Chief Ann Maine will lead a discussion with local designers: Plus sparkling wine from Gloria Ferrer paired with Wine Country Chocolates, and local food and beverages - and we know what that means in Sonoma!

 February 13,  11am - 4pm
23999 Arnold Drive (Highway 121), Sonoma, CA 95476

Just before Valentine's Day! So yes, we will bring some of the pinafores with embroidered hearts.
Take the Rough with the Smooth
Thanks to the new clever young things at Rough Linen, we are holding our first Instagram contest, starting today! (Jan 30)  Rules of engagement here 
Enter the contest - your chance to win $250 of Rough Linen.
Life happens, and linen can cope, in fact it expects to.  Take comfort in the concept of wabi sabi* and honorable scars, and celebrate the vitality of life and its mishaps, since toast always lands butter side down, dogs love to jump on beds, and tea towels scorch if you burn them.

Play a little! Show us your interpretation of Rough and Smooth in everyday life. You can be as literal as you please (an unfortunate accident with your linens) or be creative (smooth sheets in rough weather conditions). Let your imagination go wild!

Must have at least one Rough Linen product in the photo

Must have hashtags #roughlinen #roughandsmooth2016

Must be submitted between 1/30/2016 and 2/13/2016

Make sure we can view it! (Private profiles won't be visible to us.)

more here

Don't worry, I didn't scold Shibui when this happened, and it came out in the wash.  I did finish off the chocolate.