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Tricia's Rough Linen February 2015 Newsletter

January 31, 2015


Rough Linen started online, with one product, and while we now have a whole lot of linen, I still sell only online.  I don’t do trade or wholesale, don’t have sales and don’t give discounts. This is to keep focus on my purpose, making simple strong household linens, fit for use, as near to generic as I can make them.  Besides, math isn’t my strong point!

The exception is Bundles, sold with a discount.


We started with the Bed Makeover and it is still the most popular: Orkney duvet cover, sheet, two shams, two pillow slips and a bedskirt or Summer Cover. Last year we added the option of bolsters as well, and it worked so well we have kept it on. 

Bed Makeover

"I was a bit nervous making this purchase sight unseen online but felt reassured by all the wonderful reviews from very happy customers. Now I am one of those customers! The linen is beautiful, the workmanship is exquisite and my sleep is dreamy.
Thank you Tricia!!"

Theresa - Alice Springs, NT, Australia


I didn’t think people would take to linen towels as happily as they have; after all, the whole impetus in this country is for thick, fluffy cotton.  I have cotton towels too, but I prefer linens. Why?

They dry faster and are inherently anti-microbial, so are far less likely to develop that unpleasant whiff of mildew, so difficult to wash away.  They are pleasingly exfoliating to give skin a glow, and they are VERY absorbent. If you like to pack a towel while travelling, try one of these.

Bath Makeover


We put together a kitchen bundle, apron, two tea towels and a bread bagfor $99, just the sort of selection to make a housewarming present.  Then we got carried away!

Kitchen Must-Haves


Years ago my mother asked: “Tricia, what do you expect from your tea towels?”  I looked at the tired, ragged thing in her hand and saw she had a point.  I work them to death.

So our newest offering is a Set of Seven – seven tea towels in three colors or one.  A present, or for yourself?

"I have a thing for tea towels. That being said, these are the best and I wish I had a whole drawer full of them."  ~ Lisa

Here you go Lisa!

Set of Seven
This is the month when the days blessedly lengthen, no matter what the weather.  In Australia and New Zealand it can still be heavy and humid, but with the promise of cooler days to come. The first quarter of the year is a time to get things in order, clear the decks, enjoy simple things like soup, and being out of the rain, and the fugitive scent of mimosa, being happy and busy.  

What more is there to wish for?