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Tricia's Rough Linen December 2015 Newsletter

November 28, 2015

Today is Saturday - Black Friday is over. Phew! What a mad success.

Even though your email shows the full "authorized" price, rest assured we will deduct the discount when we ship.

We have hundreds of orders and it will take some days to fulfill them all. I appreciate your patience.

I delight in all the photos I get of people in their pinnies: with hens, paintbrushes, loaves of bread, even a dear little pig! 

Ladies in pinnies throwing pots, arranging flowers, picking fruit, cuddling babies, cooking dainty pastries and huge feasts. 

All that happy, blissful activity.
Here is our robe.  Ta-da! 

The robe is for the other side of life, relaxation, contemplation, batheing, withdrawing from the world to a sanctuary, for ten precious minutes or a heavenly weekend morning (even better if you can steal it on Monday).

It took us quite a while to follow up on the success of our pinny, because we had to get it right.  
The fun we have had putting our robes together! 
There is no point in making what’s already out there, so these were our guidelines:
A flattering, smart collar which frames your face and fits to your neck.
The body is modest, but not voluminous – as the front crosses over you still want to be able to get to both pockets.
Trailing sleeves annoy me – so the sleeve is neatly fitted to the wrist, and the cuff can be turned back.  No more dipping your sleeves into the marmalade.
We have two sizes, Small/Medium and Large.  As a guideline, both 5'10" Daiva and 4'10" Karen are wearing Small/Medium.  

We will need your feedback!
I love mine!. It was a surprise birthday present whipped up by my sewing ladies, who know what I like.
Mike fits comfortably into Large.

Let me help you. 

An easy option is the Stuffed Stocking, with cocktail napkins, a hand towel and a lavender bag, and still room for diamonds if they are needed.  An even more open option is the Stocking, ready and waiting for a selection of neat little treats lovingly chosen by you for those you love.  Little children love stockings, and they love the child's pinafore (with its surprise pocket-doll) too.

The pinafore is a truly versatile present too, don't restrict it to your lady-friends, it can be a fresh and thoughtful gift for foodies, bar-tenders, fishermen... the list goes on.


Hostess presents need to be addressed at this time of year.  What about a Must Have Bundle?    Or a set of seven?
For parents: bathrobes, or maybe bath makeovers?

For people just setting up their own homes, napkins and a table cloth perhaps, to help them with entertaining - or bedding: sheets, pillow slips, duvet covers, to get them off on the right foot? Maybe this isn't quite the time of year for Summer Covers, but it is a great step towards having a neat and tidy bed any season.
I have had fun for several evenings in succession, making up targeted treats for particular people, a stocking to start with, then four or five endearing, wicked or tactful stocking stuffers:  stuffy Uncle Maurice, glamorous Boomer Aunt Zany, Hippie friend Sunshine, Grumpy Great-Grandma. 

I am planning a series of photos on Instagram, once I master the technology.  Don‘t hold your breath!
Don’t forget yourself either, holiday season takes its toll, so why not sweeten your nights with a Bed Makeover?  Comfort.  Defensible indulgence, and a promise to 2016 that you have the basics covered.
Visit us at the Remodelista Market at Heath Ceramics in San Francisco, December 12-13. See you there - happy holidays...

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