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Tricia's Rough Linen August 2015 Newsletter

July 25, 2015

Ah, the dog days of summer.  Why think about linen?

For preference, think of the classic American lake house, or beach house, or mountain house – we all should have one!  Carefree living, easy, happy meals, long lazy evenings, warm summer nights.   Swimming and outdoor showers.

Linen fits.
Salads, barbecues, picnics: Orkney napkins are sturdy and wash easily, and look their best unironed.  Orkney tablecloths can cope with roughened outdoor tables and spare you the splinters.
There is nothing more hypnotic than a linen curtain moving back and forth, back and forth in a summer breeze.  You feel cooler just looking at it.
Don’t disturb the nighttime serenity with noisy a/c if you can help it – how will you hear the song birds, or smell the jasmine?  Linen sheets are renowned for their cool ‘hand’ to keep you sweet and comfortable throughout the night, and with Summer Covers it couldn’t be easier for beds to look respectable, made or not. Spend minimum time making beds, or nagging someone else to do it.
You don't want towel upkeep to become a burden either  – guests and family and swimming use a lot of them. Linen towels dry faster and stay inherently fresher than thick terry, so you can cut down on endless loads of laundry.  Wash only when they need it.
Same with kitchen towels.  Summer kitchens can lack a dishwasher,  but on the bright side, there is no better way to get to the heart of the artichoke than companionably washing and drying side by side in the kitchen, our chance to teach the children the Old Ways.  Downright Little House on the Prairie, all sharing the chores.
Somehow none of this sounds much like linen’s reputation as a high-end staple, and for a very good reason: linen became a 'luxury' only when standards went down. Why shouldn't everyone enjoy the simple pleasures of comfort and utility?  Even the puppy.