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Tricia's Rough Linen April 2015 Newsletter

March 28, 2015


Ah, April, spring and new beginnings – marriages among them.  It can be a trying time, all those expectations!  Let’s ignore all that side of things and think of simplicity, and comfort and relaxation.   

As Mrs Patrick Campbell said, giving up the hurly-burly of the chaise-longue for the deep peace of the marital bed.  

I think she was joking.
Twenty four Smooth Natural custom size tablecloths at Bill and Sarena's wedding. Besides seeing my linen displayed en masse, I love the small jars of honey, topped with small raw-edged linen squares, as their place assignments. Thank you Bill for sending me these great photographs.
Isn’t there something moving about the history of linen fibres?  Bedding and clothing for the pharaohs long before cotton.  The oldest spun linen fibres ever found were spun and dyed with plant extracts, 34,000 years ago, a dizzying thought. 

If tradition is valuable, here it is, in the most intimate domestic uses.  Linen is simply the best, today as in the past. 

Wool is soft and warm, cotton is sturdy and cheap, but linen with its strength, lustre and beauty is in a class of its own.  
Linen is a wonderful wedding present. You can spend a little and it is still luxurious,
His and hers linen bath towels.
Or push the boat out and get the marriage launched in style 
My bed makeover - everything in the photo with a 10% discount 
And linen’s secret weapon?  It won’t break in the mail!  It won’t date, there won’t be linen version 1.5 in three month’s time.  It has gravitas and tradition, impeccable credentials (home production, never slave labour), easy to care for, useful AND decorative. 
Linen travels so well!  You should go with it of course.
Since duvet size is unregulated, it can be really difficult to get the one you want.  The simple rule is to have a bigger infill (the down bit) than the cover - even 6" bigger all round.  It will squish in nicely to give you warmth and loft and no nasty empty corners. And where can you get particular sizes and weights of duvets?  I am delighted to link up with All About Down, a custom duvet and pillow workshop, in Seattle.  They come highly recommended, and will ship.
Remember, if the infill is smaller than the cover, or even the same size, it will shift, leaving you clutching a hollow shell in the cold, dark night.
One day I will master an Instagram competition, with a delicious linen prize and a witty hashtag (#lifeisrough?), but this year has been so busy I can’t believe it is April already.  Bear with me!  Maybe I'll have it together by November.

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