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Stretch out or snuggle in...

December 02, 2017

Layer Up

Our new Day Blanket has a just-for-me feeling.

The jacquard weave is perfect for light warmth yet its fabric is airy enough for in-between weather. So many uses!

Generously sized, with fringed edges all around and a lighter underside, the Day Blanket gives gentle extra coverage whenever you reach for it, and suggests ease and rest even when it is simply draped, waiting for you, or a drowsy child, a frazzled spouse. It is there for all of you.

You decide what comes into your home. We make our linens to tempt you - it's true! - and to give you a simple feeling of rightness. That is what we do.

The Day Blanket fits perfectly into our new gift box, which gives another level of care and attention to the presentation, perfect for a gift. We always wrap in tissue and ribbon, this is the finishing touch.  Use it to pull together a collection of smaller items, or simply to make the act of giving and receiving more pleasurable for both of you. We will slip a gift note inside too, if you ask us.

We are honoured that our linens are with you in your home for this season, to support you and add to your pleasure. Happy Holidays


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