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February 06, 2017


Here we are - facing the month of pink hearts and boxes of chocolate - just when we've recovered from the holidays. Why not take a more "acts of kindness" approach this Valentine's Day, and do something special for your sweetheart, and/or yourself?  When was the last time you made breakfast in bed? A proper one, not just toast and coffee?  A universal treat.

Our friend Eva Kosmas Flores served up these mouthwatering waffles on her white Rough Linen Orkney Duvet Cover. If you happen to have a heart-shaped waffle iron, I'd say making these is a Must on Valentine's Day.

You can eat them in your all-white bedding, go ahead! It's romantic, it's indulgent, and if it becomes messy remember: linen washes really, really well.

Acts of kindness are sweeter, and will last longer in memory than most gifts. However, if you want to earn big points, a Bed Makeover is a gift you'll both enjoy on a daily basis for a long time to come. Go with all-white for a truly chic, fresh and beautiful result. Put Orkney Curtains on your windows if you don't want the world to know.



Our sweetener for you: Free shipping on domestic orders over $250. We want to make the whole linen thing as easy as possible, so you can focus on enjoying it!



The traveller's dilemma - freeze in the airport, or carry heavy winter wrappings in the blazing sun at the other end? Use your Mirage Scarf around your neck to keep drafts at bay while setting out, and once you are on the beach, tie around your waist as a modest beach covering. You can have it as a wrap over your shoulders for evening, or to shade them from too much sun; a neat turban for wet hair, even to sit on. I know, I've been doing it! Maybe my favourite was wrapping it lightly round my head for napping on the plane, to have a little privacy while still able to breathe. A grace note in the journey of life.

You have asked for more colours in these lovely scarves, and as the season begins to turn, we're ready to indulge you! Have you a favorite shade for spring? Jewel tones, brighter hues for summer? Let us know! Email us at and cast your vote!

Meanwhile, back in winter... snuggle in, light a candle, pummel a pillow into shape and be thankful for tender mercies.