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Rough Linen's Got an App!

December 08, 2017


I love my bed, don't you? Why not shop at your own pace - warm, cozy, undisturbed - so much more pleasurable!  Put shopping in the palm of your hand with our new app: you can download it now, and it's free!  IOS and Android - (we feel so tech).   We will send you exclusive deals - we want to tempt you, and I promise we will!  You won't see them anywhere else, app only. 

RoughLinen didn't begin with venture capital and huge marketing investment, it has grown simply because our customers like it - oh, those innocent days! We have always been online-savvy though, because that is howwe like to shop: in comfort, without pressure, in our own time.

We've streamlined and worked on this to give you the best, most simple experience. Create your own Favorites list!  Download the app on your little rectangular friend to connect directly with our linens, on the inside track - we have some delicious things in the works! 

Download away!