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Purify, Simplify, Breathe

January 01, 2017

Let 2017 begin!

I made it, you made it. What a month we've lived through. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, even Green Monday - not forgetting Christmas, Boxing Day; followed for me, by two birthdays (my son, my husband) and then New Year's Eve. 

Did I forget the Dec. 10, Remodelista Market at Heath Ceramics in downtown San Francisco? Here's Daiva, our Baltic beauty and team leader, wearing a St. Barts Robe, while I have my new linen Mirage Scarf.

I took time off for our beautiful winter solstice - mild and warm - I'm sorry to rub it in, East Coasters...

After a month of food, drink and festivities, it was time for quiet simplicity, a chance to regroup and prepare for the new year ahead.  


The nights are still long, so it's heaven to go to bed early, maybe with a good book, to really decompress (Bolsters make sitting up way more comfortable, remember). Hibernate a little with clean linen, soft down, and silence. Treat yourself with a fresh Bed Makeover.

I use January as a personal time - time to ponder on what I eat (having eaten so well!), a fresh start, stripping the bed and window treatments right down to wash and air everything, rugging up to walk. Look at the sky, sit by a window. After all, new year is the time to reflect, and dream big for the future. If not now, then when?

Purify, Simplify, Breathe

To support self-care, an economical and relaxing home spa day (no driving!), we're introducing a new little item to our bath collection: The Wash Cloth.  A small thing, but pleasing.

Now you can bring your textural Orkney right into the shower or bath with you, and use it to polish your skin until it's gleaming. Available in five Orkney colours - even Dusk. Choose Black if you wrestle with stubborn traces of mascara.

black linen washcloths

These are sold in sets of three, to rotate throughout the week. We're also including them as an option with the Bath Makeover, so you can add them on if you want to, at the same discount. (If you've been wishing for pink towels, we've added Dusk to the rest of the Bath Collection, too!) Remember, all linen is inherently anti-microbial, as well as fast drying, so your towels and your wash cloths will stay fresher and help you start the year super-clean, heading off problems before they have a chance to begin.

2016 has been so tumultuous, with huge ups and downs, many of us are still coming to terms with it.  What can we do? Same as always: look after what we value, cherish those we love, appreciate beauty. Put the money where our mouth is.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to what 2017 will bring.