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New Year, New Ideas

January 06, 2018

Thank you!

Have we told you lately how much we appreciate you, our customers? You are the ones who keep us going and we love when our linens make you happy. Thank you for being you, and thank you for letting us know when we get it right! We are in this together.

Thoughts for the New Year

Who doesn't love a crisp new year, even if it is cold? We tend to hunker down and concentrate on the things that matter to us, enjoying being home while the days gradually lengthen. This is a good time to nest: make lists, read books, sort out cupboards, wash cushion covers, make sure everything is fresh and cosy.

Have you had a good look at our new grey sheets yet? We launched them only last year, and they make a sophisticated change on the bed, cool and urban. All three colours, white, natural and grey, wear clean and wash beautifully, because that's what pure linen does.

We have been listening to your suggestions, which is why we now have Black runners, why not? They add such focus to a table. Charcoal, Black and Indigo, for a crisp, modern look. We got so carried away we threw in new colours for placemats too, great for the holiday table, and practical and civilised for everyday as well.

Our latest offering: gorgeous, fluidDay Blankets, which have been flying out the door. Each one is tone-on-tone: one side is one colour, the other a second. It is understated - like all our stuff really - but adds a subtle contrast. Watch for more new products in spring!

Another Form of Growth

Were you surprised to see our Baby Blanket? It was inspired by these darling boys!  Yes, three new babies - Max, Jacob and Jonas - our all-ladies team now has three little boys. A reminder no matter how jaded we may get, life is constantly renewing. It is a lovely thing to remember in this New Year, new start, new chances.

Do you have any ideas you would like to share with us? We'd love to hear them!