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Cuddle Up and Snuggle In

March 01, 2017

rough linen logo
What can be more joyful than welcoming a new baby!  For quite a while now we have been thinking of a baby line, what with spring, and two new babies expected here. We set out to find the very softest of linens, and we did! Mila linen is everything we hoped for, and here is our first offering. Baby steps.
Bundle of Joy
Our protective instincts came to the fore with this new Baby Blanket. Use it to bundle a little one, or as a cot cover, or as a clean, lightly padded surface on the floor. The top fabric comes in four of our favorite colours, and the lining is Mila, the softest, lightest linen for tender skin. Pure cotton batting in between for warmth.

Simple tufting holds it all together, and gives a little pleasing interest.
Baby wrapped up in Mila linen Baby Blanket
Linen is inherently anti-microbial, good to know, and of course the blanket is washable. I'm so pleased we have made these lovely blankets in time for our new arrivals.
baby crawling on linen baby blanket
A thoughtful extra barrier between your baby and the rug.
Baby Blanket on crib
A light, non-clingy, all-natural-fibres cover to keep your darling warm but not hot. This makes a good gift for a newborn - and toddlers like blankies too of course.
The Snuggle-In Factor
Don't forget the mothers! Body pillows can really add to your comfort, especially if you have back, hip or shoulder issues, or if you are pregnant. A body pillow can actually help you sleep better and longer, so we are adding covers in all colours, sized to fit the most readily available infills. Try it, even if you just want something to cuddle! It won't talk back.
Body Pillow Video
Smooth body pillow covers are made exactly the same way as simple pillow slips, just looonger. They have a housewife tuck at one end to keep the infill from showing, and come in white and natural sheeting, exactly the same fabric as our sheets and pillow slips.
linen body pillow cover
Orkney and St Barts covers have an invisible zipper opening along the length of the pillow. This option is easier to stuff, as the opening is wide.
St Barts Blue body pillow cover
As always, we want your linens to look after you, not the other way round.
Like the new look?
We've been hard at work creating and dreaming up what's next for Rough Linen. With so many new things in the pipeline, and a few exciting changes on the horizon (a new stockroom, yippee!), we felt the time was right for a bit of a logo makeover. We kept it simple, and added some thready-bits just for fun.
rough linen mood board