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    Our Spring Fling

    March 29, 2019 1 min read

    Do you ever have the awful feeling before a party, that no-one is going to come? Then the first people arrive, and then more, and you realise the room is filling with laughter and chatter, and you can look around, exhale and say, they are enjoying themselves! Then all the fun of introducing people who ought to meet each other, and seeing strangers strike up animated conversations, old friends sitting comfortably out of the way, chatting, platters passing laden and coming back empty, music - this is how a party should be!  And on a warm spring evening.

    That was the launch of our second Touch line last night, with more beautiful dresses, a delicious wrap skirt, a variety of tops, all linen, and in rich new colors. If you haven’t already, do look at the Clothing section of the website, to see for yourself.

    I wore the Lady Dress, I already know it will be a favorite. Jennifer loved her Go-To Dress in Canyon, Daiva got first dibs on the elegant long Popover Dress, while Maricela rocked the Mode Pants. What would tempt you, for the welcome summer ahead?  Remember, linen is cool, comfortable and in a class by itself for style. Slow fashion, what a relief.



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