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Day Blanket Giveaway

January 09, 2018 3 Comments

New Year, New Linen!

Rough Linen is hosting a giveaway on Instagram for your chance to receive a Day Blanket! Our light and fluid new Day Blanket comes in 3 gentle colours: shadow, silver, and natural. What a lovely addition to your bedside, or your sofa.

Simple rules: just post a photo on instagram of your Rough Linen items (from pinafores to bed makeovers, the list goes on and on…), hashtag #myroughlinen, and tag @roughlinen for a chance to enter!

Don’t have Rough Linen yet? Worry not! Just post the Rough Linen giveaway photo, tag a friend to follow Rough Linen and write why you would love this item in your home. Remember to hashtag #myroughlinen and tag @roughlinen as well.


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3 Responses

Patti Waltman
Patti Waltman

January 17, 2018

I love your linen!!! I want to fill my house with your linens!!!


January 15, 2018

@Noella Oss

Unfortunately this giveaway is on Instagram only. There will be more opportunities in the future on other media channels so please be on the look out!

Noella Oss
Noella Oss

January 12, 2018

What if you don’t have an Instagram account?

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