Pillow slips cover the pillow you sleep on, so fine weave and smoothness are important. Mine come in natural and white in my heavyweight signature sheeting. No buttons, but all the pillow slips have a European-style deep tuck to hold the pillow inserts securely inside so they don't show.

Simple pillow slips are as plain as can be, with a 2" hem. Oxford pillow slips are more formal, with a 2" flange all round.

Choosing an infill
photo by contributor Christina Brinkman - a talented artist

"I want to tell you how much I love the king pillowslip. I love how you designed it so the pillow can't be seen. My husband was even impressed and that doesn't happen often!" ~ Lori

pillow slip envelope closure

Smooth Natural linen pillow slip with St Barts pale blue duvet cover
a simple pillow slip in Smooth White Oxford pillow case in Smooth Natural - note the flanges
Oxford pillow case in Smooth White - note the flanges pillow-scape by contributor Christina Brinkman
I allow myself a few luxuries in my humble life, and your smooth white linen pillow slips are my latest passion!

I can't wait to lay my head down on them tonight, what a luxurious feel to them.
I'm delighted in the generous size, my wonderful down pillows fit perfectly.
Love the design...you know I sew, but I could not equal these slips for the fabric and quality!
Thank you so much for the speedy shipping, I only just ordered them a few days ago! ~ Andrea

Dear Tricia,
Your linen package arrived yesterday. I am delighted by both the fabric and your workmanship, and I feel transported back to the old linens that my grandmother owned - embroidered and bleached by many a laundry day in the sun.

I shall upload some photographs next week via your website. And I will certainly order more items in the future.
Thanks for keeping alive a visual and tactile experience that makes life richer. ~ Kai

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new Pillow Slip - I've been eyeing linen bedding for a while now, and a good friend suggested I start with a pillow case to see how I like it.  I love it!  It just keeps getting softer every night.

My husband is usually hard to convince to spend money on anything, but he loves my pillow case so much that whenever I'm out of town he steals it!  We're saving up for a whole bed makeover.

Thank you! ~ Lenore

Tricia, your linen is gorgeous! I finally caved and decided to splurge on one pillow case, just to see what I thought. Well, the verdict is....it's AMAZING!

So now, I am saving to purchase your sheets and duvet, (and another pillow case, of course!) My question is, what is the suggested care of these products. Do you recommend that they not go in the dryer? I'll be ordering again very soon. Oh, and the sample of lavender scented linen laundry soap almost sent me though the roof. The smell is simply incredible! So glad to have found you!
~ Renee

My pillow slips arrived yesterday - imagine my excitement!
I washed them straight away and tumble dried on low - it's winter here. Sleeping on my pillow last night was honestly... delicious.
The feeling of this pure, natural fabric against my cheek surpasses anything I've ever experienced. True quality and pure luxury.
Even my husband, who is not easily convinced about such, "women's things", was very impressed - to get his seal of approval is a wonder indeed.
Thank you Tricia, for creating Rough Linen. Heirlooms of tomorrow that can truly be loved and appreciated today :)
Vicki Pierre-Humbert, Tecoma, Victoria., Australia
Little luxuries go a long way toward easing these times when there is little money left over for extras. 

I recently splurged on a purchase from Rough Linen, the company of Tricia Rose. I ordered a simple pillow slip made from smooth linen fabric. The design of the pillow case is unique with a deep tuck to hold the pillow insert securely inside so it doesn’t show.

As a quilter, crafter, and seamstress, I am drawn to fabric, but not so much for the pattern, or even the color. What pulls me in is the feel, the texture, the drape of the fabric. The more natural and organic the better.

My new pillow slip brought sweet dreams to my sleep. I scented mine with fresh lavender. I am carrying my luxurious pillow with me all about the house. I propped up my feet to read and rested my head for a nap. And, when I ventured outside on a gorgeous almost summer day, I lay on a quilt with my head on the linen pillow cover and looked up at the sunlit sky. My heart is grateful.

Linen is a lesson in life for me. For years, I shied away from this seemingly troublesome fabric. I would iron and spray starch and try to force this fabric to behave properly. Within seconds after ironing, linen will go all wrinkly and wavy again. Finally, I came to accept the nature of linen and appreciate its beauty. I stopped fighting its natural properties and embraced this enduring fabric.

Learning to love linen is not unlike learning to love myself. I cannot iron or starch myself into a proper shape with perfect hair and faultless ways.

I am perfectly imperfect. I hope you find a little luxury in your life.

Donna Hopkins

photos by Donna Hopkins
Smooth Natural Pillow case
From Debbie of Victoria, British Columbia on 7/9/2014.
Excellent product! Love the entire line of Rough Linen. If I had endless amounts of money, every bed in my home (4 bedrooms) would be outfitted in Rough Linen from top to bottom.
The Best!
From Jacque Anderson of Madison, Wisconsin on 6/10/2014.
When I received the pillow slip (5/7) I was most impressed with the presentation...the tissue paper wrap and the ribbon, the tag and care instructions. The linen is so white and soft (I washed it with a lavender laundry liquid and dried it in the sun before putting it on my pillow) and smelled so good. I love the envelope closure! Just wanted you to know that I am in love with your linen and that I am definitely saving money to purchase sheets and other things. As a sewist, I am very much appreciative of the work involved with your linen products. And, I think I would love to be your apprentice.
Smooth Natural pillow slip
From Irina Phillips of Clovis, California on 6/8/2014.
I ordered standard size slips for my jumbo standard size pillows. It fits a little bit snag. I love my pillow slips so much I am going to use them for my skinnier pillows. Wonderful craftsmanship and i love the envelope closure.
wonderful pillow slip
From Anonymous of parksville, British Columbia on 6/4/2014.
These Rough Linen products are my absolute favourites. They make our little log cabin so so elegant. I am so lucky to have them.
Heaven to sleep on
From Erin of Rural, South Dakota on 5/22/2014.
These pillow slips are fantastic. I love how the end covers up the pillow so you can't see it. The sheets and pillow slips are so comfy. I love the natural color. Don't hesitate to invest--you'll have them for ages.
Simply lovely
From Jane Mayer of Middletown, New York on 5/15/2014.
With a beautiful hand, soft white hue, and generous tuck closure,these pillow slips exemplify fine workmanship, Highly recommend.
Pillow Slip
From Stephen Jennings of Tallahassee, Florida on 5/10/2014.
These are quite a revelation. They are very generous in size and the inner flap covers the contained pillow perfectly. Amazingly comfortable, like the sheets. Another must-buy.
pillow cases with Flange
From Anonymous of West hollywood, California on 5/9/2014.
Exactly as described...very happy
Simple but Luxurious
From Andrew of Denver, Colorado on 4/16/2014.
I love laying my head against this material. It's very simple, natural, and feels incredible. Highly recommended
Simple luxury
From Kim of Richmond, Virginia on 4/12/2014.
I have been coveting linens from Rough Linen for quite a while and after purchasing a new king size bed, decided to begin the process of acquiring beautiful bedding. I left a voice mail message regarding my intention to place an order and was delighted that Tricia was the person to call me back! The pillow slips arrived promptly and are just what I wanted! I admire them every time I am in my bedroom. Now, I'm saving all of my change in my piggy bank to buy a matching duvet cover! Can hardly wait!
Gorgeous pillow slip
From Rose Blamey of West Vancouver, British Columbia on 4/6/2014.
Just love the pillow slips. The quality of the linen is very good. Nothing like putting your head down on the beautiful soft, linen pillow slip for a good night's sleep!
Super nice
From Heidi Yorkshire of Portland, Oregon on 3/29/2014.
Funny how hard it can be to make a simple thing well. Beautiful fabric, made perfectly, fit the pillows great. Worth the bucks. Fast service, nice, minimal packaging. What a cool company.
Love your linen
From Maria of Cashton, Wisconsin on 3/28/2014.
I absolutely love linen. Your linen is fabulous !!!!! I almost have everything but the Duvet.
After my white sheet. I love simple things but quality. I have a farm house among the Amish people and they taught us that living simple is real.
I can not be any happier with your outstanding quality and linen fabric and every product of your linen. I will have your linen always in my home and in my heart.
A little nightly luxury
From Anonymous of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on 3/26/2014.
I ordered pillow slips to get an idea of what it would be like to sleep on linen before investing more money. I've been eying these for months and finally ordered them. I love them! They've been getting softer and softer. The quality is great as well. I appreciate the little luxury of sleeping on them every night. It might be something small but the little things like this make life special. My husband even loves his and I was definitely not expecting that! We'll be ordering the summer cover next and I can't wait!
Highly Recommended!!
From Sandra Ross of Marietta, Georgia on 2/24/2014.
As with the other items, I love the pillowcases! I do wish we had started the Linen Adventure years ago!
Simply the best!
From Anonymous of brooklyn, New York on 1/29/2014.
Heavier linen with a beautiful sheen. Much nicer than the ones I've bought from other stores.
From Shelley Berkenstock of Courtenay, British Columbia on 11/16/2013.
love them .....they look so nice with the duvet !
From Carol of Porirua, New Zealand on 9/27/2013.
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous - beautiful workmanship. Excellent quality! Bought sheets and pinny too. Am absolutely delighted with all my purchases. These are quality pieces that will be treasured forever! Thank you Tricia!
Love the wonderful flap!
From Emily L of Phoenix, Arizona on 9/19/2013.
Congratulations, Tricia, on solving an age-old bed-making problem! I swear, I once saw a letter to "Dear Abbey" on the subject of who was right, the husband or the wife on which way the "open end" of the pillow went on the bed - facing out or facing in so as not to show the unsightly "contents". Your clever construction with that fabulous flap solves this problem and presents a nice, clean look from any angle.

I ordered the summer-weight white pillow slips along with the sheets for our bed here in Phoenix and they are hands-down the best we have ever owned. So nice and crisp and cool even when the nigh-time "low" is 100F. I also tried them out on the guest room bed and they looked pretty good in there, too...but since I am selfish and unwilling to part with these, I guess I will have to order some more for the guests...
Queen pillow slip
From Anonymous of Bronxville, New York on 9/6/2013.
Once again perfection
Summer weight pillowslip
From Ingrid Iaschi of Western Australia, Australia on 8/18/2013.
Like the sheets, the pillowslips are gorgeous, great texture and just look and feel lovely! Great quality with a much better price tag than some linen companies here! Keep up the great work xxx
From Katie Lindsay of Bronxville, New York on 8/9/2013.
I love my pillowslip. I really like the tidy way it closes. It feels strong, yet soft.!
I Am In Love
From Andrea Snyder of Cambridge, Ontario on 8/2/2013.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pillow slips!!!
They are clean and white and fresh and light.
Now I want some sheets!!!
The quality of the pillow slips is amazing and the ordering, shipping etc to Canada was painless.
I will send photos soon.
PS I have a Scottish granny too!
Special Order
From lilly mathews of pflugerville, Texas on 7/28/2013.
I was so excited when you said you could make me an extra wide pillow slip. It is beautiful and fits my giant pillow perfectly. I ordered the bolster next. It is just what I needed for reading and iPad game playing in bed. Next on my wish list is a sheet. They are both quality linen and beautifully sewn. That hint of lavender when I opened the package was heavenly. Oh, I'm adding the lavender bag to my wish list. Thank you so much for the personal touch and fabulous linens.
Reminds me of...
From Marguerite of Orlando, Florida on 7/20/2013.
I ordered the pillow slip to get an idea of the feel and quality of the linen you use. I have some of my grandmother's linen tablecloths which are at least 40 years old, if not more, and they are beautiful, and soft....I'd sleep on them if they were larger and fit my bed! I'm more than happy with the quality of the fabric you use as well as the workmanship, it is excellent. Every time I wash the pillow slip, it gets better. And I love the "slip" idea! I'm working up to the expense of the sheets, but my husband is supportive of the investment after much disappointment with the cotton sheets out there. Love the fact that you do hospital corners, I'm old enough to remember doing those growing up.
From Anonymous of Greenville, South Carolina on 7/4/2013.
Beautifully made, wonderful quality linen fabric. So happy with this purchase.
Heirlooms of tomorrow that can truly be loved and appreciated today
From Vicki Pierre-Humbert of Tecoma, Victoria., Australia on 7/1/2013.
My pillow slips arrived yesterday - imagine my excitement!
I washed them straight away and tumble dried on low - it's winter here.
Sleeping on my pillow last night was honestly... delicious.
The feeling of this pure, natural fabric against my cheek surpasses anything I've ever experienced.
True quality and pure luxury.
Even my husband, who is not easily convinced about such, "women's things", was very impressed - to get his seal of approval is a wonder indeed.
Thank you Tricia, for creating Rough Linen. Heirlooms of tomorrow that can truly be loved and appreciated today :)
Wonderful Pillow Cases
From Trisha Cooper-Maguire of Haslemere, United Kingdom on 6/29/2013.
These are fantastic, superbly made and great quality. I have been using linen bed linen for years and this is the the best ever. Fabulous quality, fit and comfort. Wonderful night's sleep.
I LOVE my pillow slip
From Donna of Fredericksburg, Virginia on 6/16/2013.
I am a quilter and a photographer. I was searching the internet for sources of good quality linen, planning to sew some new pillowcases and table cloths. I came across your website and was so impressed by the quality. The picture of you at your sewing machine sold me! I LOVE my pillow slip. So much so that I not only slept upon my pillow, I also used outside on our picnic quilt to relax in the sun - beautiful napping weather here in Virginia. Linen photographs beautifully . . . hope you can see from the pictures how happy I am with my simple linen pillow slip!
From Anonymous of Tuttle, Oklahoma on 6/9/2013.
These pillow slips are genius. Why aren't all pillow cases made this way? They are just gorgeous and if I can come to love sleeping on linen they will be my bedding find of the decade.
Beautiful and Classy
From Terri Wells of Moon Township, Pennsylvania on 5/8/2013.
Love the pillow slips. They are generously sized (I hate pillow cases that you constantly have to struggle to cover the pillows) and the linen is high quality. I would suggest washing two or three times before using (the sheets, too). They get softer with each wash.
From TOULA PSEFTOUDIS of PRAHRAN, VICTORIA, Australia on 4/29/2013.
Beautiful product, purchased queen and king sizes, dense fabric yet luxuriously soft and perfect fit for my high profile pillows and pillow protectors...love the white...so timeless and classy...now for the orkney duvet cover! Thank you for what you do Tricia xx
Highly recommended
From Betty Popovic of Sydney, Australia on 4/26/2013.
After buying the bed makeover with the standard pillow slips I just had to have a pair of Oxford pillow slips .They are great and complete the look.Cant wait for my future purchases .
From Patti of Atherton Tablelands, Australia on 4/18/2013.
beautiful cool crisp-but-soft smooth dense heavy linen pillow slips; generously cut and elegantly finished with a proper deep flap, so the pillow doesn't hang out in an unseemly fashion.
perfectly complements the rest of the rough linen bedding, and i know i will have to buy more in white, and soon.
Highly Recommended
From Wendy Everham of Bath, Maine on 4/8/2013.
Just what I've come to expect from Rough Linen - generously sized, beautifully made. Wonderful bedding!
From Helen Merzliakov of emerald beach, Australia on 3/17/2013.
wonderful product and service. I want more....
Highly recommended
From Margaret Jamieson of Auckland, New Zealand on 3/4/2013.
Received the pillow slips yesterday and am delighted with them; generous size and beautifully soft. Its quite difficult to find a pillow slip with enough fabric to take the fuller size pillows on the market, as of yesterday, problem solved. Thank you.
great workmanship
From Rita Sloan of West Seneca, New York on 2/24/2013.
The pillow slips were perfect: crisp, white and look great with the duvet cover. Well worth the price.
Thanks for your great workmanship.
Love these pillow cases!
From Meghan Sutton of Santa Cruz, California on 2/16/2013.
beautiful and practical pillow cases.
Simple elegant design
From Linda Hainlen of Noblesville, Indiana on 2/11/2013.
I love the simple, elegant design of the Rough Linen pillow slip! I follow the provided instructions for washing and can seriously say this slip wrinkles less than my top quality cotton or top quality bamboo linens! Probably TMI, but this slip has improved my complexion as I wash my face religiously every night because I cannot bear to tarnish such luxury with makeup!
From Anonymous of Thunder Bay, Ontario on 2/10/2013.
Love the linen.
Pillowcases 5 stars
From Kathryn Krughoff of Boulder, Colorado on 2/9/2013.
Love, love, love my pillowcases. There wonderfully soft and I had the best nights sleep on them. Thank you for producing such a beautiful product.
From Karen Stearns of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida on 2/7/2013.
Soft, luxurious, top quality product - excellent service, fast shipping.
Highly Recommended!
From Allen & Lisa Morrison of Palacios, Texas on 1/28/2013.
Very well made...fits perfectly. Feels sooooo good (:
If you are looking for the best deal on linen (anything), I would like to encourage you to end your search here!
Excellent quality and value
From Andrea of Herndon, Virginia on 1/24/2013.
Very good size, nice long "flap" that hides the pillow; soft and smooth, I just run my hands over it in the morning and the wrinkles from the night before are gone. Even my husband, who rarely notices the color of the sheets let alone the material, loves it...
From Anonymous of Ceres, California on 1/18/2013.
Simply beautiful!
From Linda Blaney of Ceres, California on 1/18/2013.
I love the texture of the linen. It allows your skin to breathe.