Choosing an infill

I want to tell you how much I love the king pillowslip. I love how you designed it so the pillow can't be seen. My husband was even impressed and that doesn't happen often! ~ Lori

Smooth linen is my heavy weight signature linen in white and natural.No buttons, but all the pillowslips have a deep tuck to hold the pillow insert securely inside so they don't show.

Simple pillow slips are as plain as can be, with a 2" hem.
Oxford pillow slips. in Smooth linen white or natural, are more formal, with a 2" flange all around.

photo by contributor Christina Brinkman - a talented artist

pillow slip envelope closure

Smooth natural linen pillow slip with St Barts pale blue duvet cover
a simple pillow slip in Smooth white Oxford pillow case in Smooth natural - note the flanges
Oxford pillow case in Smooth white - note the flanges pillow-scape by contributor Christina Brinkman
I allow myself a few luxuries in my humble life, and your smooth white linen pillow slips are my latest passion!

I can't wait to lay my head down on them tonight, what a luxurious feel to them.
I'm delighted in the generous size, my wonderful down pillows fit perfectly.
Love the know I sew, but I could not equal these slips for the fabric and quality!
Thank you so much for the speedy shipping, I only just ordered them a few days ago! ~ Andrea

Dear Tricia,
Your linen package arrived yesterday. I am delighted by both the fabric and your workmanship, and I feel transported back to the old linens that my grandmother owned - embroidered and bleached by many a laundry day in the sun.

I shall upload some photographs next week via your website. And I will certainly order more items in the future.
Thanks for keeping alive a visual and tactile experience that makes life richer. ~ Kai

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new Pillow Slip - I've been eyeing linen bedding for a while now, and a good friend suggested I start with a pillow case to see how I like it.  I love it!  It just keeps getting softer every night.

My husband is usually hard to convince to spend money on anything, but he loves my pillow case so much that whenever I'm out of town he steals it!  We're saving up for a whole bed makeover.

Thank you! ~ Lenore

Tricia, your linen is gorgeous! I finally caved and decided to splurge on one pillow case, just to see what I thought. Well, the verdict's AMAZING!

So now, I am saving to purchase your sheets and duvet, (and another pillow case, of course!) My question is, what is the suggested care of these products. Do you recommend that they not go in the dryer? I'll be ordering again very soon. Oh, and the sample of lavender scented linen laundry soap almost sent me though the roof. The smell is simply incredible! So glad to have found you!
~ Renee

My pillow slips arrived yesterday - imagine my excitement!
I washed them straight away and tumble dried on low - it's winter here. Sleeping on my pillow last night was honestly... delicious.
The feeling of this pure, natural fabric against my cheek surpasses anything I've ever experienced. True quality and pure luxury.
Even my husband, who is not easily convinced about such, "women's things", was very impressed - to get his seal of approval is a wonder indeed.
Thank you Tricia, for creating Rough Linen. Heirlooms of tomorrow that can truly be loved and appreciated today :)
Vicki Pierre-Humbert, Tecoma, Victoria., Australia
Little luxuries go a long way toward easing these times when there is little money left over for extras. 

I recently splurged on a purchase from Rough Linen, the company of Tricia Rose. I ordered a simple pillow slip made from smooth linen fabric. The design of the pillow case is unique with a deep tuck to hold the pillow insert securely inside so it doesn’t show.

As a quilter, crafter, and seamstress, I am drawn to fabric, but not so much for the pattern, or even the color. What pulls me in is the feel, the texture, the drape of the fabric. The more natural and organic the better.

My new pillow slip brought sweet dreams to my sleep. I scented mine with fresh lavender. I am carrying my luxurious pillow with me all about the house. I propped up my feet to read and rested my head for a nap. And, when I ventured outside on a gorgeous almost summer day, I lay on a quilt with my head on the linen pillow cover and looked up at the sunlit sky. My heart is grateful.

Linen is a lesson in life for me. For years, I shied away from this seemingly troublesome fabric. I would iron and spray starch and try to force this fabric to behave properly. Within seconds after ironing, linen will go all wrinkly and wavy again. Finally, I came to accept the nature of linen and appreciate its beauty. I stopped fighting its natural properties and embraced this enduring fabric.

Learning to love linen is not unlike learning to love myself. I cannot iron or starch myself into a proper shape with perfect hair and faultless ways.

I am perfectly imperfect. I hope you find a little luxury in your life.

Donna Hopkins

photos by Donna Hopkins