A summer cover is somewhere between a sheet and a bed cover - just what you need for hot summer nights. Use it instead of a sheet and slip in underneath - aaaah - bliss... the three inch hems and mitred corners look neat and structured whether the bed is made or not.

Like so many of my products, the summer cover was inspired by requests from customers in Texas, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, who know all about living in hot climates.

Available in Orkney Natural, creamy Orkney White, Smooth Natural and Strong White.

Oh, I almost forgot, I do one in St Barts. I just love the St Barts pale blue but there are many other colors.

No calking, because the king is large enough for a calking bed. I really love this product. So proud ...

You might be interested my summer bed, it's a summer cover with a sheet and two pillow slips. Go here:

orkney fabric smooth fabric st barts fabric
Designer Richard Ostell: "In the master bedroom, the floors are bare and the windows are simple white blackout roller blinds. The king-size Summer Cover in Natural Orkney Linen is from Rough Linen."
"My approach to interiors is the same as my approach to product design; simplicity, balance, proportion. I like space and calm, even in small rooms. I prefer interiors that have a relaxed feel, spaces that look cohesive but don’t look designed or ‘done’; that have a feeling of restraint and quiet. Environments that have a soul and reflect the owners' personality, objects that mean something, not bought to fill a gap. When someone asks me to design their home, the collaboration is what’s important. I like to find out how they live, what they need from their homes, what space and calm and simplicity mean to them."
For more information,go to Richard Ostell.
Richard Ostell's Westchester house - click to see inside

Orkney Natural summer cover, Smooth White sheets - Orkney Natural sham, Smooth White pillowslip & custom cushion
Photographed in the St. Helena home of architect, Daniel Hale. Read his blog here.
Andrea's plain pale blue summer bed and sleepy friend
Smooth White summer cover
St Barts pale blue summer cover. Many other colors. E-mail me. Orkney White summer cover
Hi Tricia, Here is your lovely summer cover which we enjoy very much, on our bed in a hot summer day in far away Israel.Thanks! Noa
My newly arrived summer cover in the smooth natural is, quite simply, perfect: perfect color, weight, size,and style with highest quality stitchery and attention to detail (those corners are sublime). Thank you ~ Gillianne
I am delighted! The wonderful summer cover arrived yesterday and I love it! Gosh, it's so perfect for our home. I will take some photos this weekend and do a special post next week. Thanks you so much, I am one lucky lady! ~ Deborah
Hello Kerry!
You should have received an automated email with tracking information, but I was just so excited that I wanted to let you know...your order is all packaged up, and is sitting by my feet. It will go out in tomorrow morning's post. The St. Barts Summer Cover looks gorgeous!! ~ Best Tricia
Hi Tricia,

Within minutes of receiving our linens we stripped the bed and threw them on! I'm in love--so gorgeous--just really transformed the room!
Thanks again, ~ Kerry

These are the yummiest sheets I've ever had. I have never been as pleased with an online Internet purchase. Thank you thank you thank you for your commitment to quality and sharing it with the world. I wish I could afford to give these to everyone I care about today.

I was shocked given the fact that you are a smaller company that they arrived in less than a week. The lavender sachet on top of everything else makes me want to take a nap again:) Happy Easter!!!Smiles and cheers:~ Best/Joy

5 Stars summer bed
Reviewer: Myra
Location: Shelter Island Heights, New York
Review: I would have never thought I would feel so strongly about my sheets that I would write a review! I thought about this purchase a good long while before I bought, but it took me less than a week to order more. An investment, for sure, but worth it to us. Thank you!
Tricia. Wow. My St Barts pale blue summer bed arrived earlier this week. I opened the box, and took a step back. I didn’t want to rush the experience when I saw how personally everything was packaged. I did my evening chores that night, sat down, and slowly removed each individually wrapped item. I then savored the stack of packages further before unwrapping them.

The lavender bag was the first thing I unwrapped, and this set the mood for the rest of the unfurling. My house smelled of lavender as I marveled at the item labels and grosgrain ribbon – what a fabulously personal touch. I ran my hand across the fabrics and took photos;

I then put my purchase aside for the rest of the week. I didn’t want to jus’ throw it on the bed, sleep and wake up early for work – I wanted the first experience to last as long as possible.

Today is Saturday and I made up my bed. I sew, and I appreciate your choice of fabrics, your workmanship, and your attention to detail. Everything fits perfect. Everything smells perfect. Everything feels perfect. I cannot wait to climb in bed tonight – I’m going to get in bed long before I’m ready to collapse so I can revel in the beautiful fabrics. 

Your lavender bag is my first real experience with truly fragrant lavender, and I’m hooked. I already purchased my Mrs. Meyer Clean Day in lavender for all my sheet washings (per your suggestion), and every time I wash them the smell will remind me of today.

Thank you for taking the time to make such beautiful creations. I intend to add to my collection, and took photos to submit to your community page. I’m hoping one gets published so I can defer some of the cost of a duvet cover for the cooler months. (I am only submitting three photos; my house isn’t nearly as spectacular as the other submissions – but my bed linens are!)

You’ve made my bedroom the luxe and calming sanctuary I always dreamed I’d have. (Plus, I feel very Martha - and Oprah-like having handmade linen sheets for my bed.

Seriously – how is that even possible in this manufactured and disposable day and age? It’s all because of you. Thank you, ~ Andrea

Hi, Tricia -

There is one word that captures the experience of Rough Linen -


What more can be said? I thought I was sleeping well, but didn't realize until I received the Summer Bed how much better sleep could be. Cool and breathable, cozy and insulating, it is as though the fabric intuitively senses fluctuations as the air conditioner cycles on and off. The summer cover is truly ideal for much of the year in Florida, but surely I'll be ordering a duvet cover and another sheet/pillow slip set as the weather turns cooler. The beautiful Orkney linen floats softly, barely grazing the skin and the smooth sheet and pillow slips are decadently sensuous, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

First things first - pull back the summer cover and slip into bed. Propped up by pillow and bolster (gorgeous Orkney fabric stuffed with king pillows, as recommended), I'm situated perfectly for reading in bed. So comfy. Feel like a princess. No need to move the bolster when I'm done reading. Slide down onto the pillow and drift into sleep.

The mitered corners and flawless stitching add to the luxurious experience. And the tuck to secure the pillow is an extra special detail.

My husband's take on this is simple and to the point - Wow, beautiful fabric. Feel is extraordinary.


Thanks, Tricia. ~ Jane

Review: I have fallen in love with linen.
This was a definite splurge, but so worth it.
The fabric is so beautiful I can tolerate an unmade made, and they are a dream to sleep on.
I considered buying from Restoration Hardware but in the end decided to support an American made artisan.
I am so happy I did, and I will be a returning customer.
:) ~ Michelle, Washington, DC
Love My Summer Cover
The dog sleeps on and under the cover. She also gets wild on the bed after a bath, and I hate to admit, uses the cover like a towel even though I've dried her. I thought I'd have to train her not to do that, but I see no damage to the cover from her rubbing on it. Also, it just occurred to me that my husband and I are much more comfortable at night. We were using a cotton quilt and would wake up during the night sweating. This has enough weight to feel like a blanket, but keeps us cool and dry. ~ Judy