price per single flat sheet

If your mattress is deeper than 12" (30 cm), you will need to go up a size. An 8" tuck is the minimum. For really deep mattresses, I have now introduced a seriously oversized sheet - 127" x 127".

Tricia talks about Smooth Natural and White fabric
Love, love, love my bed. I have since ordered more for a second bed and the seasons. You all should feel proud of creating something so completely delivering of quality in an era when the meaning of that word is lost. Thank you! P.S. My cat says,"It's about time..."!
Signature Smooth White linen sheet and Orkney duvet cover
Felix learns how to make a hospital corner

Signature Smooth Natural linen sheet and duvet cover

The incomparable comfort and quality of cool, strong, smooth pure linen - either white or natural.
I make these sheets the old way: flat, and large enough to tuck around a mattress.  

I am incensed whenever I have to make a bed with a mean spirited, stingily proportioned fitted sheet – straining to get the last corner down, seeing the sides roll up again like window shades if the elastic isn’t hooked under the bottom.

Once on, the sides too often ride up to expose an unappetising inch or two of mattress or mattress protector.

Part of the problem is that mattresses seem to get deeper all the time: who wants to have to think of these things? 

Fitted sheets use far less fabric than a traditional flat sheet, and ‘sheet sets’ not only have a fitted bottom sheet, but the top sheet is usually short. Modern fitted sheets and short flat top sheets may seem like a convenience, but the impetus behind them was to save on fabric. This is a cost benefit for the manufacturer, as he is quite literally cutting corners.

The traditional way, usurped by this twentieth century penny-pinching, was to have flat sheets large enough to be securely tucked in all the way round.  Hospital corners provide a time-honored neat finish but if you don’t care, you don’t have to do them! 

However this skill is still very much a feather in the domestic cap, right up there with hollandaise sauce.
As you can see from the video (above) , not only is it faster with two people, it is almost fun. Try it with a dear one.  You will learn a lot about each other

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Smooth White Linen sheets and pillowslips in Daniel Hale's house at St. Helena, CA.
Smooth natural linen sheet complements the Orkney duvet cover
Natural flax is called 'grey' at the mill, but I would describe it as a silvery-taupe. It's the same color as Orkney, just the texture is much smoother and the fabric is less dense - but still more substantial than most linen sheeting. Don't compare it with even high-end retail chains - mine is better.

I commissioned the mill that weaves my Smooth optic-White Linen to weave un-dyed, natural linen, double-width. Smooth Natural Linen is exceptionally strong as it hasn't gone through a bleaching process, so it is more eco-friendly as well.

I am delighted with the way all the fabrics blend harmoniously with each other, and with my vintage linens. Each has a distinctive texture, and each brings its own strength and refinement to the mix.

There are practical advantages to the soft subtlety of natural - for areas of the country with iron in the water, for men who discolour the sheets in hot weather (I'm trying to be delicate here), or if your pets love your linens as much as you do. All linen wears clean, but natural is more forgiving day-to-day.
Smooth white sheet Smooth natural sheet
We live about 350 miles north of Minneapolis in north western Ontario. These are your smooth linen sheets drying on the clothes line. Today is above freezing and sunny so they will dry. I am in for a treat tonight when I make the bed with the scent of our fresh northern air. Thank you so much for your excellent product. I am a convert to pure linen. ~ Cathy
From Tricia Rose's description of her ordeal in finding the perfect white linen sheet I suspect these are the sheets I have been looking for - for what? Twenty years? Longer?

The only ones I have even found that I like are Italian hotel sheets. Congratulations to Tricia and Rough Linen for figuring out one of the most gaping holes in contemporary retail bedding. I just ordered a set and am sending this link to all my friends. Wow!

Congratulations and best wishes. And THANK YOU! And thank you Remodelista for the tip. You made my day.
• posted by Maria Nation on 02/26/2011 at 06:31 am

I too have looked for years for linen sheets. Seeing your post, I immediately ordered everything--duvet, sheets, shams. They arrived last week and are beyond gorgeous. I could not be more pleased. In addition, Tricia went out of her way to make a item that she doesn't normally make, just because. Amazing.
posted by Joy Phillips on 03/24/2011 at 08:35 am

Good Morning Tricia
I cannot tell you how much I love my linen sheets, not sure what gives me greater pleasure sleeping in them or washing them and seeing them flap dry in the sun!  I would like to order another set so that if the weather is wet and cold (as it is at the moment) I don't have to put them in the dryer in order to get them back on my bed in the same day.
Thank you for your wonderful product - I live in Brisbane Australia
Regards ~ Jo

I'm thrilled with my sheets! I travel often to Italy on business and years ago I used to stay at the Grand Hotel et de Milan. How wonderful it was to stagger off an overnight flight all jet lagged and then slip into bed around into the cool, crisp linen sheets there! I feel like I now have the very same sheets in my own apartment!

I have an older set of Restoration Hardware's vintage washed linen sheets and these are so much nicer. Thanks for what you do...

Hi Tricia;
Just to let you know that I LOVE your linen. I already have the Restoration Hardware stonewashed linen set, but I can't sleep on them--they're too rough, regardless of how often I wash them (maybe because they're stonewashed?).
Anyway, since I really wanted linen bedding, I took the chance and purchased one of your smooth linen sheets, to see if yours were different. Holy Cow--are they ever! With only ONE washing it's amazing. I can't get over how comfy and soft it is. Now I have to stock up on your stuff!

By the way, I featured your lovely house and some of your linens on my blog I'd rather be living in Bora Bora.

thanks again

My new Smooth Linen Sheets
Love them! These replaced our previous set of Italian linen sheets bought from a major catalog company, which only lasted a few years (what a disappointment). I had wondered about your shipping charge for a couple of sheets, until I received the package and realized how very much more substantial these sheets are than our previous set -- there is no comparison. Really appreciate the extra depth all the way around, too, which makes making the bed so easy; they haven't come untucked once (we had paid an upcharge for extra depth on our previous set and still had issues with the sheets pulling out).
Also, speaking as a seamstress, the stitch quality is excellent, and they are laundering nicely. I have already shared the sample card with others (we have been singing the praises of sleeping on linen for years). So nice to purchase items on-line that are everything one hopes!

Very truly yours,


I wanted to thank you for the most AMAZING sheets ever! I have wanted a set of sheets for years, and my most wonderful family and friends went in together and got me a set for my birthday last month.

They are beyond incredible! I just ordered two pillow slips to go along with them.
I have never slept better in my life!

I absolutely love my newest smooth linen natural sheets.  The color is amazing!  I now have a white and a natural set, enough for my lifetime and perhaps my daughter’s too. 
It’s hot here in Casa Grande, AZ and I now intend on the white set being my summer set and the natural my winter set.  No need for anything besides a small throw over the bed in the middle of winter. 
The linen is precisely as you state, cool in summer and warm in winter???  How can that be?  Don’t know but it works for me. 
I would love to send you pictures as I recently redid my bedroom and master bath, however, I am the worst ever at photography so it just won’t happen, but if you are ever in the Sonoran Desert stop by and have a look, you’ll love it.

Thanks so much, Tricia!. Wonderful material! 

By the way, we've been sleeping on our lovely linen sheets for a while now. We just love them! The feeling is so decadent. Soft yet textured. People often times ask me what it's like...they assume it must be scratchy. I try to explain it, but all I can ever come up with is that they are really soft but also textured.
I also love the history behind linen. The craftsmanship. The multitude of uses. The romanticism of a bygone era. The casual elegance of it. I feel like I'm sleeping in what we were meant to sleep in! And, of course, it's best sans clothing :)

Thanks so much for making such a beautiful, timeless classic! ~

Hi Trish, I love my linens from you.

I started off with one sheet, and now my bed will be complete after I order my bed skirt.,

My husband also loves sleeping in these sheets. The most luxurious sheets ever!


We are so in love with your products.

In fact I will never be comfortable on any other sheet.


love. love. love. From kathleen everett of salt point, New York on 2/2/2013. my husband and i adore these sheets. I was hesitant to buy flat sheets as bottom sheets because he plays NBA basketball in his dreams. not a problem. the sheets are so generously sized (and we have a deep mattress) that they stay in place MUCH better than the fitted bottom sheets I've been fighting with for years. the texture is divine. weight luxurious. we are lucky to live on a farm with a giant clothesline so i hang them out-can't speak to how they do in a dryer. worth every penny. love.
Sheets: My new love!
I have found a new love! I have been in the process of redecorating my master bedroom and bath. I worked with a designer friend who recommended I purchase linen sheets. I was really skeptical as my experience with linen has been quite "wrinkled".
After exploring on the web, I came across Rough Linen. I purchased just one pillow slip to begin with. I was surprised at how nicely it washed and felt against my skin. I took the plunge and purchased sheets as well.
I am in love!
The linen is textured yet delectably soft--I don't know how else to describe it. The sheets are pure luxury! I didn't say anything to my husband. He of course immediately noticed I had changed sheets.
After a couple of nights he said he really liked the sheets--the oversized dimensions and the feel. He told me to hurry and puchase more while I can! That is a first for him! I truly look forward to crawling into bed each night. Thanks Tricia for such a wonderful product that makes me feel pampered every night! ~ Linda
Review: I ordered this wondering how a flat sheet would work--guess what. A piece of cake. My mattress is very deep and heavy. After I got it in place, it stayed there. It needed very little, if any, adjustment. I am so happy with this. It is so comfortable, smooth, and luxurious. I am always looking for ways to upgrade my life, and I have found a great one. Next is the duvet cover. ~ Carol, Maryland
From the moment I unwrapped our box to see each item individually folded and bound by a beautiful ribbon with hand-written tags, I knew that I had bought something very special. It was a great experience to unwrap our sheets and pillow slips - the care and thoughtfulness made me smile.
Then, our first night with the linen - and what a treat! The sheets and pillow cases were so comfortable.
I think the best way to capture how much we love the linen is that on our first night we said "Good-bye to Egyptian cotton forever!".
We will never go back!
Thank you Tricia for giving us luxurious linen that makes me feel so special every night of the week. ~ Petrea ACT, Australia on 3/23/2013.
Hi Tricia,
My gorgeous linen arrived safely to Australia this morning...I'm totally thrilled with the quality, weight,fit and look of everything I ordered,especially the king pillowcases (the smooth linen in white for sheets and pillowcases is amazing)...and the workmanship is the best I've seen! I will be back for more soon!! (The duvet cover is not one of your pieces, so I now have my eye on your Orkney one! ) My ohh sooo inviting bed awaits me...xx ~ Toula

Thanks Toula for your wonderful photographs ~ best Tricia

Dear Tricia, I am so happy that a random internet search for sheets made in the USA led me to you! As I am sure you know, the Sonoran Desert here in Arizona can be rather a rough climate to sleep in during the summer months, even with modern conveniences like air conditioning.

I am an interior designer and know a thing or two about fibers and their applications. Intrigued by the durability and moisture-wicking properties of linen (and the obviously beautiful quality of your sheets from the site photos) I ordered a set of summer-weight white for our bed and- oh, my! They are just gorgeous!

My husband, who is always "too hot" in the summer months, still can't get over how he no longer wakes up sweating in the middle of the night, and they get softer with each wash. Thanks for making such a beautiful product and pricing it so reasonably for the quality.

Beautiful, exquisite sheets!! Quality! My best-ever purchase!! I was thrilled when I opened the box and found my beautifully wrapped and presented sheets! They are truly works of art, beautifully soft and an absolute dream to sleep in! The pillowcases are also beautiful. Comment for any other NZ buyers, NZ Customs duty adds to the price of getting them into NZ but it is well worth it - you will not be disappointed!! I will definitely be ordering more! Thank you Tricia.
The feel -- the weight, drape, and substance -- of these summer weight sheets is utterly perfect. I can see them lasting a lifetime (and beyond). And they're perfect nearly year-round for the Northern CA weather.

I found it difficult to get a photo of the sheets and duvet without my cat. One night I went to bed to find her lying in my spot, tucked in. I can't recall her ever having done that, but she appears somewhat obsessed with these sheets. Maybe it's the very subtle flaxy/grassy scent, which I love ... In my urban bedroom, they make me feel more connected to the earth and remind me I'll live in a greener place at some point.

I feel I did something really good for myself in buying these sheets and I also feel like they were an incredibly smart purchase given how long they'll last (almost bought the CB2 sheets and am infinitely relieved I found your site in my research). I think I've landed on the perfect combo here, but I almost want an excuse to buy more... Maybe there's a a colorful St Bart's duvet cover in my future, for the really cold nights.

So: Thanks for the lovely internet shopping experience, the impeccable workmanship (I'm a beginning sewer and I marvel at the edges), and the free lavender bag, which I keep in my bed and which is a small but indispensable pleasure. ~ Laurie

This is the highest quality bedding product I have ever owed! I feel like royalty! Love the very generous size. So nice when your husband rolls over a takes the cover with him; there is still some left for me! Also, love the smoothness and consistency of the linen and the 'hand' of the fabric. Very pleased with this purchase!
I received my lovely linens very quickly, just over a week after placing my order, which is great seeing we live in the most isolated city in the world! The package was beautifully presented, it felt like such a luxury! Pity it was pouring with rain the morning it had arrived but thankfully it cleared up long enough to get the sheets dry and onto the bed that afternoon! The children had a lovely early night and so did I!

Sleeping in linen feels so much more luxurious and I love the generous sizing of the sheets, greatly appreciated when sleeping next to a cyclone! I am also impressed that the bottom sheet stays tucked in just as a fitted sheet does and can now alternate the sheets readily which is bound to save on fitted sheets!

Thank you Tricia and the Rough Linen team for such a great service and product! Look forward to future purchases! ~ Ingrid Iaschi of Western Australia,

I himmed and hawed for a long time before buying these sheets. I almost bought Restoration Hardware's...they were a tad less expensive and still I thought they were quite a lot. I never in a million years thought I'd spend this kind of money on sheets....but I have to say, it was more than worth it.
I love that they are locally made, no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process (I can't stand when sheets are finished with formaldehyde) and they are of such high high quality. I gave them to my husband and me for Valentine's Day and explained to my husband that they will last us 100 years...and we'll be Valentine's for 100 years.
They are super comfortable, sexy and relaxed at the same time. Cozy and luxurious, like we are in a fancy hotel. These will be the only sheets we ever use again. I can't wait to buy more for my kids!! ~ Celeste
After thinking about ordering these sheets for several months, I finally made the move and am so very happy that I did. They really surprised me with how wonderful they feel. I was a bit concerned about my husband's reaction but he absolutely loves them, and is impressed with the workmanship on them. I've been hanging them outside and they dry in no time. We'll be moving to a colder climate soon, but these sheets will still be hung outside. We hope to order more, maybe in the natural. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product! ~ Marguerite
Love my Cal King smooth white linen sheet!

I am now a convert to the european style flat sheet tucked as bottom sheet, and our linen duvet covering us in lieu of a top sheet. Such a lovely, textured, sensual feeling against the skin.

My next order will be the oversized Cal King in smooth natural. Although the Cal King tucks well in width, it is not as generous a tuck in length. The oversize should be perfect.

Thank you for an heirloom quality product, Tricia. It's lovely. ~ Anon, Ventura, CA

Linda loves her new Rough Linen Smooth White Linen
It looks so inviting in my little bedroom, in my little downtown condo in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
I've been dreaming about these linens for one year. Finally did it and I'm a happy girl! No more percale bamboo or jersey for me!
Thank you Linda - BTW go ~ Tricia
Rupert too loves his new Smooth White Linen sheet, pillowslips and duvet and says: "Ruff, Ruff (linen)!!"
Our very own Shibui, a Himalayan, asleep on a smooth natural linen sheet. Framed by a St Barts pale blue duvet cover, a smooth white pillow to the left and a smooth natural pillow above. A little princess, she can do no wrong. ~ Tricia