Strong White and Smooth Natural linen duvet cover - When you want lighter duvet covers, choose double-width sheeting with its finer weave and smoothness. This is the fabric I use for pillow slips and sheets. It is closely-woven and smooth in texture, in contrast to the 'rough' of rustic Orkney which resembles traditional homespun.

I also make duvet covers in Orkney and St Barts linen.

Smooth Natural duvet cover on the left perfectly matches the Smooth Natural sheet to the right.
Smooth White duvet cover
Tricia talks about the new Strong White fabric
Tricia and Felix demonstrate how to stuff a duvet cover
Our puggle Jack, he is a beagle-pug mix and is two years old. He is very bright, as you can see, as he quickly understood the appeal of linen. The foot belongs to my husband Steve. Everyone loves the linen duvet! We travel often to France, which is where we fell in love with linen sheets. I have been tempted to buy some there for years, but was afraid that the sizes would be off for our US comforters and mattresses, and never got around to checking if that was so. So I was thrilled when I found you. I don’t understand the current obsession with super duper high thread count sheets...they don’t breathe like linen. We love the cool, crisp, feel of linen. And the fact that it BREATHES. The duvet cover with a down comforter is the perfect heft, just right for our Minnesota winters. We are happy campers and will probably add a king sheet next. ~ Mary Jo Hoffman.
Linda loves her new Rough Linen Smooth White Linen
It looks so inviting in my little bedroom, in my little downtown condo in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
I've been dreaming about these linens for one year. Finally did it and I'm a happy girl! No more percale bamboo or jersey for me!

Rupert too loves his new Smooth White linen sheet, pillowslips and duvet and says: "Ruff, Ruff (linen)!!"
Thank you Linda - BTW go ~ Tricia
From Debra Imhof of La Valle, Wisconsin on 5/26/2014.
OK here I go......I am so thrilled with my Rough Linen products and have only been waiting for a few spare minutes to rave. I now am enjoying my smooth sheets, orkney duvet cover and the pillow slips. Bed time has become a highlight of the day and even my husband has said he loves how the bed looks made or unmade. I have waited for a long time to splurge on these items and was never sure where to get them from. When I started researching and found you on the web I literally spent hours reading everything. Love the web site! LOVE LOVE the bedding. Thanks so much! I'll be back to add more. Will send pictures soon.

Nice heavy texture
From Linda Forssman of San Francisco, California on 5/15/2014.
I really like the nice slubby texture of this, it lies beautifully, no ironing ....just the right amount of natural crumple. Also like the warm creamy colour, which unfortunately is a lot more creamy than the sheets, so they don't entirely match.

Soft and getting softer
From Lisa of Kaiba, Queensland, Australia on 5/9/2014.
Thank you so much for our beautiful beautiful beautiful linen. We are in love with it completely.
Unbelievably soft (and getting softer) - the sizing for the duvet cover is absolutely spot on. I am only sad now that I did not get the bolsters as well. I will wait until we are ready to get a few more pieces and then will put in another order. (I really like the look of the pinafores too).
We could not be more thrilled with the whole experience – you have been so helpful and patient with all our questions and the way the linen was presented upon delivery was so special. Also the delivery from the United States to Australia was amazingly quick (just over a week) - I was like a little girl waiting for Christmas presents to arrive.
Thankfully my husband loves the linen sheets as much as I do.
All the best. It so lovely to see and feel so much thought and energy being put into such a beautiful product. ~ Lisa

Best bedding ever!
From Maria Elhardt of South San Francisco, California on 5/2/2014.
This is how we celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. Now I know why my in-laws and grandparents, who couldn't afford new sheets often and used and reused everything as long as possible, bought linen. Feels wonderful and seems much more durable than any sheets we have had in the past. We use the duvet cover as our top sheet, as we always have. We love the texture.

From Theresa of Andover, Minnesota on 4/18/2014.
I was amazed at how quickly the custom duvet was made and sent to us. I was expecting weeks, instead it was only days. The quality of the linen cannot be compared. It is stunning and adds such a serene, peaceful feel to our bedroom. Thanks for such a quality product.

Gorgeous Linens
From Melanie Spitzer of Portland, Oregon on 4/13/2014.
I really splurged and bought a bottom sheet, pillow slips, a duvet cover, pillow shams, bolster covers and two table cloths. Everything arrived beautifully packaged and tied with ribbons. After washing everything and making up my bed, it was heaven to get between the linens. I am using the duvet cover with a lightweight down blanket inside, NO top sheet, so the bed is a breeze to make up. I just shake out the duvet, fluff the pillows and the bed is made. The fabric is wonderful against your skin and surprisingly light. All the items are very well made and I am sure will last for years. I am more than thrilled with this purchase. My down blanket was an oversized king and Tricia arranged for the duvet to be custom made for that size. It was a PERFECT fit.

From Rosalind of Little Britain, Ontario on 4/9/2014.
We purchased a complete set and love every piece! It made our New amazingly comfortable bed even more inviting and luxurious. Love love love it and will shop with them again soon!

High quality!
From Leslie Gazzolo of Wausau, Wisconsin on 3/12/2014.
Beautiful, durable linen. It's a pleasure to sleep under our Orkney natural duvet. Thank you for a great product!

From Elizabeth Threlkeld of Denver, Colorado on 2/27/2014.
The linen duvet makes our bedroom look so serene. The creamy white color of the duvet against the natural cherry bed is just beautiful!
Thank you.

From Martha W. of New York, New York on 1/31/2014.
Love it, just as expected.

I love my duvet cover
From Shelley Berkenstock of Courtenay, British Columbia on 11/16/2013.
I love my duvet cover , its so luxurious . Thanks for being passionate about linen. I have shared photos with many friends in my area of your site!

Amazing qualilty!
From kat of tottenham, Ontario on 9/8/2013.
My duvet cover is freakin' out of this world! As are all the Rough Linen products I have tried. I love how the duvet sits so perfectly inside the Orkney cover; no shifting at all! I basically blew my yearly vacation budget on a whack of Rough Linen and I can honestly say that i do not regret it-at all. Getting into bed every night is a little piece of heaven, but getting out each morning is hell!

Check your country size
From Victoria O of Sydney, NSW, Australia on 7/8/2013.
We love our new linen quilt cover and sheets, perfect to snuggle up in during the cooler winter months. It goes perfectly with our queen Anne federation semi. A tiny watch out for all the Aussies; the USA king is massive and nowhere near an AUS king, so will have to get it taken in. Hopefully can make a bolster out of the remains :)

Highly Recommended!
From Kathleen Bryant of Asheville, North Carolina on 6/20/2013.
So simple, yet very elegant. I've never had anything linen before except clothes, which I love. So to have such a luxurious duvet cover and shams makes me very happy!! Next order will be sheets, then extra pillow covers! One of everything please!

Orkney queen doona
From Helen Merzliakov of Emerald beach NSW, Australia on 6/8/2013.
We are as snug as a bug in a rug in this gorgeous linen.
I'm dreaming of more linen....

LOVE my bed linens
From Deb of Pawtucket, Rhode Island on 6/1/2013.
Hi Tricia - I never wrote to let you know how much I LOVE my bed linens - so beautifully made and luxurious to sleep on! I actually kept them folded and tied for a couple of months because I couldn't bear to use them - I'm over that! I am ordering another pinafore, but in a larger size this time. I wear the one I already own several times a week when I am home. I am totally smitten with your products - Thank you for making them! Deb

From Jennie Girdham of SYDNEY, Australia on 4/16/2013.
Perfect for the Sydney weather and great quality. Highly recommended. Thanks for the online shopping pleasure, your products are addictive, and especially so when postage takes less than a week!

Worthwhile investment
From Hampton H. Stennis of Washington, District of Columbia on 4/8/2013.
Sometimes you take a chance on something, and it works out incredibly well. This is one of those things. I bought the Orkney duvet cover and 2 slips (to check out whether I'd want sheets), and I love them. Just freaking love them. I get in bed and run my hands over the cover and think, "You did a good thing here."
The infill fits perfectly and stays in place, even without securing it with clips or ties. It softens the room (mainly deep grays and steel and blacks). Needless to say, just a week after it arrived, I've ordered more slips and sheets.
I am thrilled to get into bed and loath to leave it, and it's become a dating criterion (I would cut loose a potential partner before I cut loose this linen).

I love my bed!
From Anonymous of Seattle, Washington on 2/28/2013.
I bought the duvet cover along with a sheet and two pillow slips. I don't usually splurge on things like bedclothes, but I am so glad that when I finally did, I did on these! I dream of my bed all day, and I pause to just look at it whenever I walk through the bedroom. It's a true aesthetic experience. Thank you so much for making such beautiful stuff!

Highly recommended
From Nancy Siegert of Omaha, Nebraska on 2/15/2013.
The Orkney duvet cover is as wonderful as described. It was promptly shipped and came beautifully wrapped. I can't decide what to order next!!

From Karen Stearns of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida on 2/7/2013.
Classy, luxurious, top quality product - excellent service, fast shipping.

Love It!
From Abel Villarreal of Los Angeles, California on 1/21/2013.
They got it totally right. No superfluous tricks or over embellishments. The natural characteristics of the fabric say everything. Well done!